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Instagram co-founder Kevin (Kevin Systrom)? Sister Roma


technology news (Lin Jingdong) December 2nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Kevin (Kevin Systrom)? Sister Roma is one of the most popular photo sharing site Instagram CEO and co-founder. He sold the company to Facebook in April for nearly $1 billion. Prior to the creation of Instagram, he worked in Odeo for some time, but also worked in Google for two years, the main development of consumer products such as Gmail.

Hiester Rom recently accepted a brief interview with TheVerge about the long – term utility of the image filtering service and his first impressions of the Internet on Instagram. The following is an interview with him:

: what are you doing now?

: at the end of the day at the company’s headquarters, make a calendar for the rest of the week, and try not to go over it again.

: do you have a camera? If so, what is it like? What kind of lens and film do you use? When do you usually use it?

: I have a Canon 20D, but I don’t remember the last time I used it. Since the purchase of iPhone 4, I was completely hooked on using a mobile phone to take pictures. Taking pictures with your cell phone has some limitations, you have to look at the world around you more carefully, it will make you a better photographer.

: how do you plan your daily work?

: frankly, I’m not a man with a plan. I usually run in the morning to go out, then drink a cup of Aisiba before work properly (Espresso) coffee, I am not a person too observant of conventional standards. This life is more interesting.

: do you listen to music while you work? If you listen, who do you usually listen to?

answer: because I want to often carry a product team, engineers and designers everywhere, to open meetings, so I seldom have time to sit down and listen to music, but as long as the situation permits, I was very happy to listen to music. I spend most of my time listening to my favorite songs on Spotify, and using Pitchfork or KCRW to find new artists.

: who are you most concerned about on Instagram?


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