Google Adsense blocked domain fast releasing combat

I think a lot of people have such an experience, that is, put on the Google Adsense domain name for various reasons to be sealed. Adsense is a specific phenomenon is put on the Google Code without advertising, or directly to the wrong page. If this happens, it means that you have 100WIP Google Adsense ads will not have any effect. Because GOOGLE put you on the blacklist. A lot of people come across this problem at a loss, and some people write to the Google Adsense group, but the outcome is generally no effect. Before this article, including me, is also the result.

I have a domain name to blacklist Google, around 4 am today to write a letter to Google, the contents of their own play bar. The general is aware of their mistakes, then indeed correct, and make the user experience, user centric, rather than for advertising and advertising, the afternoon 2008-07-31 14:50:11 received emails as follows:


thank you very much for your compliance with our policy and in accordance with the requirements of your website has been modified. This will help you achieve success through Google AdSense.

we have now restored the site’s advertising.

please note that as your site is temporarily suspended from advertising, it will be delayed for up to 48 hours or longer after your site can begin to re advertise. If we find that you are in violation of our planning policy again, we may be able to deactivate your account.

Google AdSense from


read the letter is very excited, because Google did not abandon me, but also that I did have a problem before the domain name will be blacklisted, summed up the following experience to the Admin5 FANS.

1, don’t be evil, this is the premise

2, involving serious copyright, such as video or music that once was closed, if the domain name is the content, the basic no hope


3, sincere attitude, admit their mistakes and correct, this is very critical

4, to be patient communication, after all, is an e-mail exchange, not a telephone interview or

5, pay more attention to the Official Forum Google Adsense

6, do not send mail too "diligent" such as several a day, the Google working group to work a lot of pressure, so please forgive

7, must be aware of their website before writing the terms of the breach, so please read the official details of the material

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