Taiwan entrepreneurs away from the Silicon Valley does not restore the first attraction


many entrepreneurs are eager to enter the U.S. market, access to Silicon Valley innovation incubator investment. But now in the form of a reversal, Jerry · Zhang is a Taiwan entrepreneur, he worked for many years in the U.S. technology industry, has made a decision, let a lot of American market have a strong hope of foreign entrepreneurs feel very unbelievable, because he is determined to be present in the United States business overseas the market, more precisely, is now in a period of vigorous development of China mainland market in emerging economies.

in 2009, he founded the mobile payment company Mobile Radius in the United states. Regardless of his ancestral home in Taiwan, after careful consideration after Zhang think, compared to the United States the current economic situation, the company will be transferred to the China market will have more development prospects. Although this decision surprised many people, but Zhang Haiyi ran decidedly pick in a more secure way to face the most difficult, no typical immigrant entrepreneurs will encounter the choice. More than and 20 years ago, he joined the United States nationality, in the field of science and technology a flat wave, gains a wealth of practical experience. It is noteworthy, he founded the first company called Clarent Corp, the company’s well-known customers even include the world network services company AT& T Worldnet, China Telecom (micro-blog) China Telecom, the Australian telecommunications company Telstra.

Zhang, as a typical representative of the rapidly growing immigrant entrepreneurs, has begun to seek market opportunities outside the United states". Because I want to help the Kauffman Foundation (Kauffman Foundation) to do a research report on the immigrant entrepreneurs, so he made an interview. In fact, from the beginning of 2005, the Silicon Valley in the United States within the company, the company offered by immigrants entrepreneurs accounted for the overall ratio fell from 52.4% to 43.9%. It is striking that this talent backflow phenomenon is particularly strong in Taiwan entrepreneurs.

according to our research findings, it is from the beginning of 2005, Taiwan has been from the United States immigrant entrepreneurs list of fourth dropped to the twenty-second place. In other words, during this period, the proportion of Taiwanese entrepreneurs to start the company reduced from 5.8% to 1.1%. However, we found that in the past ten years, the output of other immigrant entrepreneurs has been basically stable. This decline lead to the emergence of Taiwan entrepreneurs is mainly because, from the historical point of view, Taiwan immigrant entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from India, China is different, they are in the United States in the process of the development of science and technology industry plays a decisive role.

, but now the Taiwan entrepreneurs are