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vertical hunting online recruitment websites recently announced ten million U.S. dollars to obtain financing, completed by the IDG capital and cre capital. But this is not the case this year, the recruitment industry financing. In China this huge online recruitment market is the "big three" rule for many years after first appeared many insurgents: whether it is the use of Crowdsourcing thinking everyone headhunting, or focus on hook network IT recruitment, or service to the headhunter headhunting network. They are using online recruitment market innovative thinking this snatch demand.

behind the three major collective decline in the recruitment website, is an old and new Internet production mode of the ultimate showdown. In essence, from the original traditional recruitment market, relying on the line and DM recruitment mode transition to do business flow distribution of the "big three" (the traditional recruitment website in essence are reduced to display advertising platform), the recruitment industry is still stuck in the old ecological advertising model, so when the user centered recruitment site, capital began to look at this market segment. Starting today, I dark horse will launch a series of articles to examine the upcoming innovation subversive market segments.

I recently interviewed the dark horse Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM, see if she is thinking how to use the new Denver online recruitment market.

is a symplectic Xiaodie oral:

in 2003, I graduated from college, got a firm offer. Originally planned to go to work, but the SARS to the firm began to take a long vacation. So I want to look for other opportunities, a chance to enter a headhunter. More than a year later, I ended my career. The first venture, opened a headhunting company, operating for 8 years. In this process, I am more and more deep understanding of the headhunting industry.

how do I do a headhunter business,


in my career, I was the company’s best performance headhunting. I think I am active and embrace the changing character. In the era of headhunting, I began to analyze and study my work. More than and 10 years of career so that I am more convinced that the headhunting is a very professional work, but also because of this I find the professionalism of the executive search is reflected in the efficient. On the face of it, a job description headhunting and ordinary people read, think and do not want to do the same. If you want to hire this thing is not professional, you don’t need a job interview, the exam is finished, why should the interview? This is because the interview can get more information by the employer, such as for example the applicant meets the enterprise culture? What is his job motivation? He can be sustained in the customer’s company? He quit for what? How the team cooperation ability and occupation? Headhunting enterprises can reduce the cost of looking for, let the information obtained through interviews in order to get ahead. This is the value of headhunting.

from a deeper perspective, headhunting need to grasp the two part of the psychological. Part of the actual client, >