How a player becomes a winner

earn non earned home! Make Zhan sound. From shellfish, and sound. From shellfish, related to wealth. Original: refers to the sale of profit

< mobile > do business gain, with the loss relative: make money. Make a literal meaning is to use a knife or weapons to fight, which means getting with physical or other means, known, network game with real life as a virtual economic system, each game player can be in inside trade, so I am very eager to become a money home! Now talk about my inner thoughts


I am a professional player, playing games from a very small, from the miracle play to legend, my wages are on the top. Suddenly one day, I think there is no way to play this way, how to make money in the game, the real players not only to play the game, but also in the reality of the.

For quite a long time I completed the

in this industry virtual transactions, have seen a lot of people and things, engage in virtual trade businesses earn hundreds of thousands of years, earn tens of millions, there are overnight full sealing Dutch act of jumping.

virtual trading industry is still quite attractive, not a lot of money invested but also for the community to solve the problem of those who do not have a low degree of technology of the employment problem, but also earn money or foreigners. So it is still pretty good virtual trading venture industry, but the industry is really invisible virtual industry, the market is changing in time, and there is an unavoidable risk imposed by the operator. So before you start to think twice, and then the problem of the players themselves


a lot of game player just put the machinery to do a good job, also get the basic wages, if they can think more and more practice more learning may be better! If you do not enter this industry for more than 6 years, you can only be considered a rookie! Many of the QQ’s old friend was asked that question, gradually with the ability I personally do not come, I was advised to do a forum, I accepted his advice


I made my first stop player bar, which may not be so many people behind, but I come to each IP are likely to complete the transaction, this is what I want. Hope everyone not mediocrity interested in Entrepreneurship game player friends, they want to find business information in the bar,

entrepreneurial technology and other aspects of the necessary information. You can also find like-minded friends in the bar, set up their own entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial life more exciting. Interaction and entrepreneurship will be the two eternal theme of the bar, each player can find what they want in the bar or realize their value this is our initial commitment.

is not only the game player in the game player, we look to business to make money game player is in areas where to play better, or to play well as one aspect of the elite hardcore game player game player. We will gradually expand to the webmaster players, e-commerce players, mobile phone >