Analysis of how to do a website for their rookie to earn a pot of gold

How do

for themselves to earn a pot of gold

do stand for what, make money, or play. If you play. Below you can be neat and quick to see it. Birds need not see. Ha ha

as most of the webmaster also want to stand to earn money. More or less can bring some comfort to yourself. The other is the sense of accomplishment

well, not long winded, look down.

one. Site theme positioning

good positioning can help you succeed 30%. Do what you can, do relatively popular, do not do illegal. Individuals do stand to do special, choose a theme to develop it. Don’t blindly choose to go, in the end you will find yourself nothing. My station is so changed three times theme. There has been no development, and now positioning down, the flow is also slowly up. Natural flow has come, 100 IP I have earned half a dozen dollars a month. Ha ha

two. Website development and promotion

there’s an alien in the distant outer space, you know?. You do not promote, as the alien, who knows you, who knows you exist. Figure Wang: "promotion, promotion, promotion". Don’t think AD is a disgrace. Which station is not so. In the promotion at the same time to update their station. Do not start a 1000 article, engage in half a month or so much, so that not only do not like the reader. I don’t even think about spiders, of course, except for individual types. SEO do. But can not do fire. My approach is " content + soft +

the right amount of SEO I think the content of the "King" of course, we may have a better way. You can teach me.

thanks in advance.

three. The way the site is profitable

you want to know what your site is suitable for making money, membership fees. Advertising fee. Other classes. Advertising is mainstream. Take the ad. Choose a good alliance, a good advertising. Very important。 Make a list of


· Dangdang website alliance, according to the recommendations of the user to achieve sales commission Commission, as long as the content of the site does not require legitimate site visits: Dangdang website alliance

· excellent web site alliance, according to the Commission recommended by the user to achieve sales commission, without the need for real-time audit: excellent web site alliance

· Sogou website alliance, click on the ad to pay commission, as long as the content of the site does not require legitimate site visits, the need for artificial audit: Sogou alliance

· Baidu theme promotion, click on ads