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and ordinary webmaster, I also failed all the way over. On the Internet for so many years, did not earn some money, but sadly dawn every day to sleep, wake up the dark, a non normal life, no time to contact with the network outside things, now created so eccentric character, really lose the wife of another soldier


slowly began to try to escape from the Internet, as far as possible to contact the outside of the network, contact people outside the network. This video dating online dating can not make me feel the passion, will only make me more and more hate the network, more and more hate QQ, more and more doubt that the Internet is not really able to make money!

last year to go home for the new year, an accidental opportunity, I contacted the venture entrepreneur website. The reason is accidental, because it is my first time in nearly 3 years of watching TV, is also the first time in nearly 3 years of watching TV advertising (when watching TV, always fight for the limited time to watch some cartoons, a commercial quickly replaced Taiwan). The beginning of the business venture such sites are also very suspicious, because in my opinion, the inside of the advertising is too false, too far fetched. What three years to earn enough to 10 million, daily income of tens of thousands. I Pooh, full fucking shit! This fudge child?! to tell the truth, although I think that can be rational, from the emotional point of view, I do not have to refuse so much temptation, I think ordinary people will try holding the attitude of the. Of course, that’s what I did.. I am looking for a Chinese venture investment is said to be the first portal Fuwa network, they have 2 sites: and Look for a small investment project and try to do it. The project is a restaurant chain. The project is really attracted me, advertising language is like this: you set up shop, I invest, easy to earn 30 thousand".. My mother fucking is a small investment return to try it anyway. May be successful, next month will be a good car, good living rooms… Shop on the first day, I am disappointed, no income! Second days, I was disappointed!…. After a week, the business is slowly getting better, the daily profit can be stabilized at about one thousand a month down, earned more than 20 thousand…

summary: false advertising is false, as long as a little real good!

webmaster friends, everyone in order to live, are working very hard, but I hope you do not put all your energy on the internet. The forest is a huge drop, do not hang in a tree! We are paying more attention to the Internet at the same time, should also pay more attention to concern us the opportunity to


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