n 15 SP mobile and penalty Sohu Linktone etc. among them

  in the crackdown illegal SMS 3· 15, industry insiders disclosed that China Mobile recently again punished a number of violations of SP, SOHU, Linktone and Shanghai PR 15 wireless SP list.

It is reported that in the

, China Mobile to the punishment, including the Sohu, Shanghai blue Online Computer Co. Ltd. (Linktone), Beijing honland 95, Beijing palm Internet Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing in Hong Xun Information Technology Limited company, Shenzhen City Interactive Technology Limited company, Shanghai mtone wireless Co., 15 SP has been a full cessation of service in Hebei port.

it is understood that the mobile SP was punished, SOHU, Linktone, Shanghai Meitong wireless, Beijing honland 95 occupy the larger share of the market. In 2004, SOHU was due to illegal business operation was suspended a year China Mobile mobile phone MMS service, Linktone was also due to the implementation of mandatory order of China Mobile WAP business users and accept the charges on behalf of the suspension of six months, while WAP business integration for six consecutive months of zero penalty.