Cn domain registrar recently played a small action

1 17 Beijing news: according to the.CN domain name will rise in the near future, but CNNIC said, did not release the news of price hikes.

actually, domain name registrar has raised prices on Friday. A domain name registrar’s marketing staff told CNET reporter, said: "after we got the news on Friday, we will be the agent channel.CN domain price rose from 20 yuan to more than more than and 40." The source also said that the price may have some impact on the agent channel, the current impact on the direct market should be small, but the future is hard to say.

In addition

, a registered in China nets agent channels also received the same message in today’s renewal, civilink said that future.CN prices may rise from 35 yuan to more than and 50.

is reported that the relevant person in charge of domain name registration has been to Beijing to meet, the contents of the meeting may be related to the.CN domain price.

industry believes that if the price increases, it may be affected by the earthquake in Taiwan,.CN domain name increased demand, so triggered a price increase. It is understood that after the Taiwan earthquake, many international.Com domain name website can not be accessed at the same time, servers and domain names are in the domestic.CN domain names and Chinese domain names registered a substantial increase in the amount of.