Secret e-commerce 4+1+N business model

do not know how many people still have the impression that the 14 day of this month, there is a new e-commerce model on the line of e-commerce companies to see. Just see the headlines, think there is so little thing, think again, recently, Huanran Dawu, originally, is such a thing.

brief review of the news, in order to avoid advertising suspicion, the author does not appear on a website to replace the next news protagonist. "A web site this month will be officially launched at the end of the Taobao ultimate C shop shop. The website of electronic commerce department deputy general manager to the media disclosed the first e-commerce operation mode of the site: 4+1+N model will be used, on the official B2C mall, also stationed in the Taobao C store, Taobao mall, mall mall, pat and cool days. Currently, the site is working with Taobao mall and Dangdang mall to discuss specific ways of cooperation, and its cooperation with the music cool days have been identified. In pat mall, will likely introduce its home help home improvement services, and the use of exclusive cooperation.

carefully look for the key words from the text, and then think about how to transform the thinking, this time, you will get such a formula:

4+1+N= (Taobao mall + Dangdang mall + pat mall + music cool days) + official B2C+N (Taobao C shop and other forms)

is not suddenly very clearly, is, actually, is the transformation of a simple thinking, the web site is skills through the concept of conversion, clever people suddenly looked very fresh, of course, it does have a very important significance of this formula. Below, I talk about the author from this formula to find a viable way.

first, I think that this formula is more appropriate to do the traditional network channels. Why do you say that? Because, if the network brand, in the independent website is not very good when the network brand set up, such a hasty action, although it is possible to let you of the distribution channel sales increase, and there is a danger of the favour one more than another, B2C platform role absolutely can not be overlooked, if in the consumer is not stable, eager to distribution, it is possible to the official website to master abandoned embarrassing consequences.

and if it is a traditional enterprise, it can be a good solution to this problem. As a result, the original is not very well-known brand, the line is to seek a breakthrough, it does not matter where the first profitable.

if you are already offline entities in brand, technology and operations personnel on investment is huge, but for traditional enterprises initially entered the e-commerce will have a traditional sequelae, only do the website, time limit is longer. By now, 4 mall system management and value-added services, can let the brand on the Internet to heat up, at the same time, the operation is more convenient, can largely reduce operating costs, more quickly into the e-commerce industry, absorb experience.

as the "1" in this mode