The new trend of network marketing of scenic spots caused by leisure tourism

typical holiday leisure tourism product reservation model, in the site is occupied by an increasing proportion of young fashion people become a favorite.

According to the latest data from the National Tourism Administration, China’s tourism market is growing at an annual rate of more than 10% (

). As young people are an important part of the network is becoming more and more popular in the tourism website to obtain information and experience sharing, booking travel. However, with the traditional sightseeing type of travel is different, leisure and tourism around the city is often only a few tourists in front of the concept of the concept of consumer spending, such as hot springs + climbing, skiing + food, etc.. This tour before a clear destination point is not the same, this change also travel to a number of leisure tourism scenic transformation service marketing bring new challenges: when tourists and no clear scenic destinations, and only some travel experience for the concept, the tourism business area how to discovered by tourists and approved


"when tickets, hotels, car rental, scenic tickets, performances…… The relative standard and single tourism online booking is more and more recognized by tourists favor, in fact a more demand, greater market cake need this industry integration and development of a deeper level, that is online can be customized, personalized leisure vacation reservation "51766 network CEO Ni Xuejun said:" the implementation of this service, docking needs a system of ideas, to bear the brunt of information fusion of scenic resources. Secondly, the integration of tourism elements related to the travel around the scene, car rental services, catering, accommodation and other holiday accommodation services integration is also essential. The reason is very simple, the traditional mode of marketing area can not meet the requirements of fight a lone battle series of service design chain, leisure tourism consumption, personalized and multiple fuzzy."


destination guide, can be found in every scenic shop is not confined to the local resources, but will be based on the destination information based on consumption chain into a complete travel service system. Such as the Emei Mountain scenic area shop, not only with the regional electronic map, corresponding to the accommodation business shop, local travel agencies and tour lines around the shop, shop and reception service line, local car rental reservation, seamless connection of enterprises, and also covers services offered, vacation package, conference program, free products. When these are full of different sectors, different services, with the highlights of the service chain are reassembled into the myriads of changes leisure products, and through intelligent search and personalized online ordering, in front of the tourists is full of expectations, really make people feel the unprecedented "new travel experience for my Lord".

International Leisure Industry Association executive chairman Li Kefu think, shop and shop, product and product, full integration between information and information, can make the advantage of resource of each travel service providers to their combination of design, on the platform perfect show, with independent direct mode for tourists to provide personalized service. This trend is in line with the characteristics of online travel, pure information services industry. Welcome >