Third party payment final regulations the industry is not to shuffle

industry has long been looking for non financial institutions to pay service management approach (hereinafter referred to as the approach) finally surfaced in June 21st.

regulatory authorities, the central bank also said that the relevant enterprises to apply for payment business license does not limit the number of". Alipay, caifutong and many other third party payment companies have responded to the first time, basically the same caliber: a welcome and support of the "measures" attitude will actively preparing to submit an application.

in recent years, the central bank has become increasingly aware of the importance of non-financial institutions to pay services into the regulation. With these services, business scope expanding and new means of payment for promotion, for customers to deposit the protection of rights and interests, prepaid cards issued and accepted in the business of violations, anti money laundering obligations, payment services related to information system security industry inherent problems and operational risk increase.

, however, this lasted five years, the final approach does not bring too much surprise to the industry, the implementation details and related business practices, is the various enterprises waiting for the other boots".

multi terms yet to be clear

and previously issued a draft and revised draft (see the 2010 nineteenth issue of "third party payment to supervision") compared to change this "method" is the most original title: "payment and clearing management approach", was converted into a "non financial institution payment service management approach".

analyst told this reporter, which mainly reflects the scope of the specification of the object changes, the equivalent of the entire banking system out of the." Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences financial technology research center director Pan Xinping believes that the name is removed in the "liquidation" to "payment service" purpose, is also because of the liquidation is the main business of traditional commercial bank and the people’s Bank of china".

in accordance with the measures, non financial institutions to pay services, including online payment, prepaid card issuance and acceptance, bank card payment and other payment services determined by the central bank in four parts.

the final introduction of the approach, some of the important terms inherited the draft in 2005 and 2007, the provisions of the revised version in 2009. For example, the validity of five years of payment business license, the national and provincial institutions registered capital of the minimum amount of $100 million and $30 million.

, however, many of the original definition of the content is not clear, is still vague. These include: the scope of business of foreign investment Payment institutions, the qualifications of foreign investors and the proportion of investment, etc., still need to be set by the central bank. And for customer deposits, commonly known as the settlement fund can be used for investment, the right to ownership of the interest, the approach is not clear.

in the central bank in 2005 for the first time the introduction of the draft, there have been allowed to pay the agency will not exceed 50% of the total risk of payment settlement risk margin for investment statement. But since 2>