Shop back is now buying consumer experts say should be banned

, Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou, November – 9: Title: $one or two was bought, and some did not happen Trading – online shopping back to the present investigation.

Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter

double 11 is coming, many consumers put their favorite products into the shopping cart early, the store is an important reference for the purchase of goods. Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that many shop secretly launched praise back now, as long as the customer required to complete the praise, you can get a few dollars to tens of dollars in cash rewards. In order to get more praise, many shop doing everything possible, and even formed a brush praise industry chain. Such praise worthy of trust,


well-known brand official flagship store has also launched a good back now, the false trading brush can get a laundry liquid

Hangzhou consumer Zhang Xi on Tmall’s skinat flagship store spent 19 yuan to buy a computer keyboard membrane. Receive the courier packages, which in addition to the goods back and a big red spot: "more than 15 words from +5 star evaluation, screenshots to online customer service after the confirmation, you can get 3 yuan cash rebate!"

although not opened, in order to get Zhang Xi back now, follow the instructions to praise, 3 yuan in cash soon arrival. But a few days later, she was a little regret: keyboard film to play the word is very hard, not easy to use, I see the evaluation are good to buy. It is estimated that many people like me, only to return cash to give praise."

online shopping more people in Beijing, said Zhang Wentao, received the package will often be a good back now, the red card, return the amount is less than one or two yuan, more than a few dollars. This approach is not just store shop, the official flagship store will also be well-known brand sales brush, brush credibility. During the holidays, there will be significantly lower than the market price of the commodity to participate in the season, "good back now", business home "low + return now" to attract buyers.

mall in Jingdong, praise back now as a commodity link hanging on the part of the shop page. In a sales of sporting goods, rockbros flagship store, the introduction of the page said, good screenshot contact online customer service is now 5 yuan, not separate sales". Sales Home Furnishing goods in a "Zhen Yue Da Home Furnishing official flagship store, the shop page shows" praise the sun single return now 20 yuan, customer service said, receiving praise can get back now.

some back of the praise behind, and even no deal. Wuhan resident Wang Ran said, she has been involved in numerous businesses open brush brush praise, such as the owner and consumers agreed to sell clothing, consumers take the price of 150 yuan skirt, businesses only two bag napkins, after the consumer receives the goods to the five-star praise, businesses a full refund. A lot of friends have been involved in such brush praise, often get laundry liquid, beverage and other items, this is an open secret."

on the social platform, but also the emergence of a group brush to earn a return to the phenomenon