How to share e-commerce platform to overcome the lack of content resources short board

has a large number of high-quality content, for a site is an integral part of the importance of self-evident. But for many e-commerce site webmaster, content update is a short board, especially in some of the popular industry, can update the relevant subject matter is the lack of resources. So for an e-commerce site, there is no what little tricks can overcome the lack of short board content? The author will share a few of their.

A: share the user’s letter

for an e-commerce platform, you will inevitably receive advice from the user for the product, such as email. And these letters are a lot of users are concerned about what they want to know. We can share these letters through the form of the article to other users, as to whether the name of the letter to the public, you can first consult a letter. Appropriate to publish a number of letters from the letter, not only can help other users, but also can pass out our site for the user’s attention.

two: regular interviews

will have this a top star in every industry, this industry in the Dean figure tends to trust us more users. Our electricity supplier site can regularly with a number of celebrities in the industry to conduct an interview, to provide our users with the content of the interview. What you have to do is also very simple, record the issues of concern to the user, and then interview with these professionals in the celebrity, and then in the form of text or audio and video display to your users.

three: allow your users to create content for you

for an electronic business platform for the most simple effort to create content model is to allow our users to create their own content. So how to make our users to create content for us?.

1: build interactive platform. Interactive platform interactive, users prefer to create their own content on the interactive platform. In this regard, we can open a forum or community on our electronic business platform, allowing users to create content for you. Of course, as a key operator, something you want to participate in and guide their communication.

2: encourage users to publish articles. The use of their goods delivery experience. For the electronic business platform, you need to encourage more users to publish the use of your product experience. In addition to doing so can enrich the content of the site, the user to share their own experience or product evaluation, it is often easier to narrow the distance with other users, other users are more likely to trust these articles. After all, write their own products using the experience evaluation of the article is difficult to avoid "Wangpo saying, puff" suspicion.

3: make good use of user evaluation. Comment on your site users are generally your target users. What they care about is also a concern for most users. We can make good use of these comments