f the double crash of 11 Taobao kn cancel some function


] November 7th news billion state power network, billion state power network that days before Taobao announced that the team kn in the double eleven day due to the huge flow, in order to guarantee the stability of kn will no longer want to send "commodity inventory changes", "new order", "order payment" message reminder.

announced that the double eleven day, kn will make adjustments to the following functions:

1 no longer send "commodity inventory changes", "new order", "order payment" and other news alerts.

2 no longer send "Wangwang" new message alerts to the mobile phone terminal, PC terminal normal.

3 a plug-in is not available, the system will automatically distribute a similar plug-in, such as the plug-in reply, it will automatically restore back, businesses can also enter the market to set their own settings.

also notice that, in order to protect businesses during the double eleven stably with kn orders, please do business the following actions:

All 1

account exit kn before November 10th, enter the password again, then log on kn, in order to avoid the double eleven day automatic login failure.

2 advance renewal eleven requires the use of the double plug, in order to avoid the day just order expires.