The young monarch dish a dream of a new O2O fresh electricity supplier

young monarch dish target user is clear: 20-35 year old white-collar workers, these people inside, this has a considerable proportion of people in Beijing and the first generation of immigrants in Beijing.

take the subway from mentioning mode, the young monarch dish will semi clean vegetables into the drift in one’s life, health, convenience and creative.

on the line less than half a million yuan PreA round of financing obtained from Meihua Angel founding partner Wu Shichun and nine joint ventures founding partner Wang xiao.

as a majority of people dream, the young monarch dish how to do


dish Jun Beijing dream

was born on the young monarch dish, Ren Mu said first thought in a sense of powerlessness.

Beijing, high prices, poor air traffic congestion, housing prices daunting…… Nevertheless, there are still many young people have a dream into the city, more is not good, nor the opportunity to realize their dreams more important. So let them stay.

Ren Mu, Chen Wen, Huang Wei, 3 students from the school of social and population, Renmin University of China,, one from Shandong, one from Nanjing, one from Guangzhou.

in Beijing this large city, as an outsider, is a beautiful but difficult air plant dream.

to travel on the way to work, any animal husbandry eyes often flashes a picture: at dusk, a tired figure appeared in the Huilongguan subway station crowded, lonely and stubborn. This picture is actually a microcosm of the most drift.

for a number of very large drift, leave the hometown group came to Beijing to work during the day, come in from every corner of the city’s rental housing, in the absence of social and social circumstances, the dinner is every day they need to face the problem. When they tired back to the rental, listening to the next tinkling sound and cook floated bursts of fragrance of rice, if can eat Home Dishes, there will be more happy……

Beijing office workers generally normal 5:30~6:00 off work, 6:30~7:00 home, so they have a very common phenomenon – a person off work to buy food to cook, because the time cost is too high. Even if you want to cook, but the class back, the market closed, or stand in line for a long time, washing and cutting vegetables, cooking, eating can be dragged to very late. Stalls, takeaway occasionally, factors in addition to health, but also in the overhead problem.

this is the shepherd’s own state of life. With his own words, tired and weak. But it is precisely because of such a bad state of life, he found a fresh market opportunities.

according to the survey, the resident population of 21 million 150 thousand people in Beijing, there are concentrated in the 25~30 years old, they are in the middle of the night to solve their own dinner, assuming dinner is 10~15 yuan, then the city of