The 3 challenges of e-commerce website development

, former chairman of Intel Andy. Grove said: "within 5 years, all companies will become a Internet Co, otherwise they will no longer be company." Mr. Grove’s words have so much meaning in my analysis. First, the arrival of the Internet era, the two is the arrival of the era of the Internet economy. After all, in today’s Internet development verified Andy. Mr. grove, and today’s Internet economy is dazzling, even more impressive. The reason is that the major economic events of the Internet will often become the hot news of the social explosion, and it has become one of the important economic activities in the world. Created a legend of human wealth. The development of e-commerce is a revolution in the traditional sales model, in the guide and change people’s lives, and even the way of life.

things always have two sides, the development of the Internet is also the same. The development of e-commerce is too fast, too incredible; but it also has too crowded, too chaotic defects. Famous station, mediocre station; there are old sites, there are new sites. Where are you going to buy? Where is the most convenient to buy your activities? Who are you supposed to believe in


so the current e-commerce sites are facing the following 3 challenges.

first, the current e-commerce site needs more smooth trading.

here to say "smooth", the scope of the Han is more. More than just a quick user experience. From the "smooth" refers to the production and distribution to the sale of the entire process, each link is crucial. In China, the development of the electricity supplier is still the bottleneck of logistics links, has not been resolved. This mishap directly affects the smooth degree of electronic commerce transaction website. And this is also the field of labor intensive service sector. It will also be affected by the tight labor market and rising costs.

secondly, e-commerce companies need to have more sales.

"sales" is the direction of e-commerce websites. Sales growth is also the key to the survival of e-commerce companies. There are a lot of deformity sales affect the development of the industry. The current market hunters sales, not only lead to group purchase website. Comprehensive analysis of this extreme sales, they just market share, not profit. This unfair competition sales growth, and ultimately hurt consumers, disrupting the market, but also destroyed the site itself. Therefore, through the normal sales channels to win the trust of consumers, such sales growth, and ultimately from the sale itself to promote the normal development of the industry.

finally, the last challenge of e-commerce sites is to have more repeat customers.

repeat customers are the most loyal customers. Loyalty means that people will come to your site a week to shop. Easier said than done. The click rate itself is not going to bring economic benefits, he is just a false side of the site. It’s like going to the top of the mall a lot