Electricity supplier to understand the misunderstanding e-commerce is just selling products online

the popularity of the Internet and electronic commerce after several years of development has become mature, and now it has affected people’s daily life square, but from a personal perspective there are a lot of people understanding of electronic commerce exists some misunderstanding. When you ask your friends what is e-commerce, there are a large number of people to answer is to sell things on the internet. If you are now in the electronic commerce, then congratulations, you are the object of Zhang Jianglei learning; if you are just contact or electronic commerce also unsuspectingly that welcomes you, communicate with me, because I also learn this knowledge.

for the understanding of e-commerce allows for individual differences, but for a network promotion or e-commerce will do a general understanding of the current situation of e-commerce is necessary. Can not say that from a professional point of view of e-commerce, only from the point of view of the individual’s popularity of e-commerce, in order to lift the e-commerce is a one-sided understanding of things on the internet.

e-commerce is an industry

an industry is not equal to an occupation, but is not equivalent to a position, as e-commerce, we see is just a link to buy on the Internet, but it is more like a chain, from the storage of goods saved to the goods on the net sell shelves and goods transport links and so on, all of these aspects constitute the industry of electronic commerce. It is a more intuitive form on the Internet, or rely on the Internet, but not just the summary for the electronic commerce to sell things on the Internet, this is not accurate, this is just a very important electronic commerce.

e-commerce not only sell products

noted that e-commerce in the impression of people is often a direct sell behavior, in fact, sell things can be said to be the major e-commerce behavior, but with the electronic commerce times in the form of more diverse, it is not just the product of the sale, including individual customized products or provide a service as well as the manufacturer’s shopping engine etc.. I believe that with the development of the times and the development of the Internet will also be more diverse forms of e-commerce, everyone will become the beneficiaries of e-commerce.

this is not an experience sharing articles, written just to look at the popularity of knowledge, this is the same for their electricity supplier to further understand, if you have your own opinions can exchange, the characteristics of the Internet is open. Take this problem is just beginning, there are many things in life we are understanding is not comprehensive enough, we need to continue learning and exploration, Zhang Jianglei is willing to share with everyone!

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