Three big questions about the electricity supplier price war highlights the winter depression

price war started, the table on a lively. To look behind, new and old business failures layoffs, loss of burn, capital retreat, a depression scene. Even the success of the domestic electricity supplier industry landed a few big fortune, their common keywords is also a loss".

closed down in the winter and layoffs

the end of the 2012 New Year’s holiday, Shanda’s product clustering network announced "the company liquidation, to suspend the relevant business", which opened in 2012 business closures.

in fact, the product line online less than 3 months.

in accordance with the product poly network, said the reason for the closure of the investor’s commitment to investment funds failed to reach the designated position, the company funds strand breaks".

to the Spring Festival, serves network, Luxuries network and other luxury electricity providers have spread layoffs. Luxury electricity supplier first shuffle.

April, Baidu, Lotte joined forces launched a comprehensive department store electricity supplier website cool days of the declaration of death. International joint venture business from industry consolidation.


, the Alibaba cooperation with Japan’s Softbank "taojapan" sub station has stopped the sale. Then move a few, is suddenly out of stock after Matt in March.

those who have good luck, investors are more patient, busy looking for disk access.

recently news shows, cash rich hunters Suning is vertical, negotiate the acquisition, issue shares. Including brand red maternal and infant children, and the main high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau. In the two behind the list of investors at the same time, is nlvc.

Under the cold winter of

, electricity traders feel real. Because the sound of layoffs has never been broken. The last two, in late August three the competent department of Daphne electricity supplier collective class, and where the customer owned self distribution companies wind up massive layoffs.

today, we all want to find a real understanding of electricity providers, competitive people, the industry has accumulated 4, 5 years, while most people are still six months or 1, 2 years." An electricity supplier business executives said, at the same time, the rapid decline in the level of treatment. One or two years ago, the average price of the product manager tens of thousands of no problem, and now, the more general can only take 3000-6000 yuan."

[exception] V1 products, such as large park

in winter, there are also companies contrarian.

in mid August, V1 product line, to enter the field of luxury goods. V1 CEO Xia Zonglin said, don’t advertise, not bleed listed, will be "practical steps to blaze a new trail".

another recently took advantage of the chaos in the jump is an old man". Kuba network founder Wang Zhiquan resignation in March of this year, less than half a year after the end of 8, his home electricity supplier park "on the line. This did not go 3C, home appliance price war,