Stable supply is the key to a successful B2C site

wants to be a successful B2C website, some people think that mainly lies in the promotion, I do not deny the importance of promotion, if you want to become a successful B2C website but it is not alone can do the promotion. Why do you say that? If a successful promotion of the website, in the market have a certain reputation, there will be a lot of customers, but because you are very bad, so that these customers such as to information is negative, this shop, something broken, but not practical and similar information, it will bring great influence to your business. Customers will be less and less, the negative impact will be more and more, and finally lead to your " bankruptcy ". So in order to do a successful B2C site, in addition to promotion, the most important will be the source.

below to give you an explanation of the next B2C site how to find a quality source:

a, the economic strength of the B2C site

1 contact manufacturers to join the negotiations (suitable for a certain economic base of personal webmaster)

if you have a certain economic base so you can go online or communicate around some personality, popularity, and similar companies or manufacturers, either join or wholesale, I suggest to join, join in a process because there are certain advantages. In this form of selection of more formal sources, can reduce some of the fraud on the internet. (Note: any company or manufacturer should conduct strict negotiations to minimize fraud)

2 contact manufacturers for mass customization (for the company or business)

to clothing manufacturers to negotiate, get the ideal clothing products. In the selection of custom manufacturers when the quality of the goods will not be careful. We take the apparel industry for example, there have been many successful examples, such as "customer", "network" and so on is a successful example, contact the manufacturer directly to design good clothing styles, clothing and such a production cost is very low, such as the cost price of 15 yuan, the price is generally more than 80 yuan the lucrative. (this mainly depends on the promotion model)

two, no economic strength of the B2C site

select the strength of the consignment company

In fact, Taobao

has a lot of crown class treasurer are chosen to sell the company’s way to take the goods, we are also sell is the "0 inventory" and "0 risk", then the B2C website can also choose to sell the way to get goods, choose consignment goods, so we must pay attention to small problems some of the many the stationmaster was not careful.

1 supply quality can meet the requirements, as in front of the said if the quality is not good, will directly affect the future business website.

2 supply side whether there is a high quality delivery process, like the original supply side of each shipment has 6-7 days to deliver to the customer’s hands, so it will also be on the customer >