Leading industry innovation maternal honey bud won the 2015 Star Award APP TOP Analysys

December 18th, the 2015 annual summit and Analysys think tank data driven innovation based star awards ceremony held in Beijing, as Chinese honey bud baby, cross-border business double first, won the 2015 Star Award APP TOP analysys.


honey bud site on March 2014 on the line, in June launched App. Honey bud line on the App side has one and a half years, GMV accounted for climbing, the latest data released in December 1, 2015, from the App terminal sales accounted for the overall sales of honey bud 97%. in China entrepreneurs will be shortly before the forum, CEO honey bud Liu Nan expressed to close the PC end "desire", she said: "our technical team and honey bud, you don’t blame me for not giving you PC resources. In fact, if one day the honey bud PC website is turned off, it’s a win! "

"coax the child to sleep, I just can get a cell phone to buy things on the honey bud", which is not only a mother of honey bud mother’s voice, but also a true portrayal of many women’s electricity supplier users. Honey bud dedicated work field of maternal and child always understand the needs of consumers. Honey honey bud bud ring on App has been praised by the industry, it will be close to the scene of the consumer into real user experience of the product, not only to meet the mothers sharing and social needs, but also bring convenience to find parenting artifact users.

honey bud now has millions of users, announced in July this year, "baby" upgrade for the family consumer services import sale website. At the end of honey bud App, both traditional maternal electricity supplier selling milk powder, diapers, toys and other merchandise, and beauty care products, small household appliances, Home Furnishing maternal non standard products. In addition, the recent honey bud App is also on the line of parent-child service channel, sales of children’s photography, family travel, family early education services under the line, the layout of a full range of leading baby industry.


It is reported that

, "Analysys star" award is the annual grand China Internet contest, the Internet business system, Analysys Chinese consumer behavior Chinese digital analysis system based on data sets, the strength of matrix model relying on Analysys exclusive research and development, selection of representative enterprises including electricity, interactive entertainment, digital marketing, mobile Internet, the integration of hardware and software so, the domestic TMT industry recognition. The honey bud won the 2015 star award is based on recognized, honey bud future, honey bud will continue to forge ahead, to provide more comprehensive services for the majority of China family, innovation and continue to lead the development of maternal and infant industry.