Amoy stop grab Jingdong price and comment on the contradiction between the monopoly and the user exp

Admin5 station network news: October 31st, Ali’s comparison shopping search engine Amoy network today on its official said micro-blog has stopped crawling Jingdong mall according to the requirements of product review, and in October 28th removed the Jingdong spend billions of dollars worth of integral encourage users to write comments, taking into account the concerns of Jingdong, also stopped to Jingdong website price grab. But a scouring network said the future will continue to extract from other Jingdong commodity quotes. And Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong transfer topic, pulled to the price grab, the remarks made to explain that a Amoy do not only parity.

from the beginning of last week, the Jingdong gradually broke mall,, and other well-known B2C website crawls through the shielding method for modifying the robots code Amoy network on its website in commodity prices. Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong repeatedly said in a statement on micro-blog to grab a grab Jingdong commodity prices and dissatisfaction. It said in the micro-blog rogue companies will comply with the robots.txt agreement, and a grab grab Jingdong broke the bottom line of the industry, will only increase the burden on the electricity supplier. Eventually let consumers pay. Amoy mall relationship between Jingdong and dropped to freezing point within a week.

Contradiction between

user experience and industry monopoly

in and Dangdang shielding Amoy network crawl after last week, a willingness to Amoy with their negotiations and cooperation, not only to make concessions to Jingdong mall. As the only domestic Taobao mall second comprehensive B2C mall, Jingdong and Taobao mall and a fierce competition, as Ali’s Amoy network shopping search engine, and Taobao is a Jingdong, the mall price touched the interests of the Jingdong to grasp clearly unacceptable. Insiders believe that a cat grab Jingdong mall core data, and analyze the user consumption habits and price trend for Taobao store operations, will make the other B2C websites to survive. Liu Qiangdong has also said in micro-blog, do not mind a grab grab Jingdong price, but rather concerned about the evaluation of grab. Today, a Amoy stop grab Jingdong price and commodity evaluation, is likely to be forced by the requirements and pressure from Jingdong.

Amoy grab other B2C commodity information, from its point of view, is to make the product more transparent, better quality, guaranteed, so that consumers get more benefits, but also allow businesses to get more consumers. But in a sense is a kind of means of competition, a scouring network information capture, really has a lot of advantages for users, but in the industry monopoly of Taobao mall and a Amoy is like Jingdong, Dangdang and other competitors fear. Want to improve the user experience, but the industry is bound to be the monopoly of the opponent’s resistance. To deal with the relationship between the competitors, in user experience can not be better deployed, it is currently the three core Taobao, Taobao mall, Ali’s Amoy network facing the embarrassing situation. Taobao shield Baidu grab that year, it is because there is a competition with Baidu >