Zhejiang implementation of the eight projects focus on promoting e-commerce

             , recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, information technology and the promotion of small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang City, Hangzhou province held a national SME information technology conference. Zhejiang Provincial Commission by letter Deng Guoqiang at the meeting published a speech entitled strengthening the construction of the platform to implement the eight projects.

Zhejiang is a big province of small and medium enterprises. During the 11th Five-Year, Zhejiang efforts to implement the national information technology development strategy, from the enterprise, industry, industrial clusters three levels, and vigorously promote the integration of information and industrialization.

classification to strengthen support

(1) policy promotion. "Information technology and industrialization to deepen the work of the deployment of the deployment of specific initiatives and research" as the focus of this year’s provincial government leadership research topics. Recently, the provincial information work leading group to discuss the adoption of the opinions on accelerating the integration of information technology and industrialization depth, and the Zhejiang industrial cluster, two of the depth of integration test area implementation plan.

(two) classification propulsion. Industry: focus on the implementation of information technology "doubling" plan of action and of integration of the two special action plan to implement the "action plan for Zhejiang province to promote the integration of information technology and industrialization of printing and dyeing industry special action (2010 ~ 2012)". This year will continue to introduce chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical four industries, the two depth of integration action plan. Industrial cluster level: focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of 42 massive economies to modern industrial clusters. Enterprise level: to carry out pilot demonstration of enterprise information, as well as manufacturing information demonstration project, and actively guide SMEs to develop e-commerce applications.

(three) platform services. The past three years, relying on Alibaba e-commerce platform in the province of the implementation of the ten thousand enterprises to promote e-commerce projects". "Zhejiang province online industrial products fair", "Zhejiang province e-commerce competition", "network conference", "net goods fair" and a series of important activities as the carrier, to promote the application of e-commerce popularization. China’s chemical industry network, the Chinese clothing network, the Chinese chemical fiber network, the plastic online and a number of influential e-commerce sites in the country. At the same time, built the information technology platform for public service in more than and 50, such as clothing information service platform, information appliances, textile machinery innovation design platform controller embedded platform, digital printing hardware industry information service platform, information service platform, information technology industry application service platform.

(four) project driven. Financial arrangements at all levels of a number of special funds, various departments with high tech industrialization and information service industry, technological innovation, technological innovation, energy conservation, e-commerce and other special work to strengthen the research and application of two "of the construction of public service platform and key projects to support and guide the establishment of traditional enterprises and intermediary service institutions industry information public service platform.

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