AQSQ last year, net sales of products to improve the passing rate of 10%

State Quality Inspection Administration chief

Zhi Shuping today held a national quality inspection work conference said: in 2016, China’s national product quality supervision and inspection qualified rate increased to 91.6%, included in the supervision of the air purifier, children’s toys, children’s clothes, diapers, rice cookers and other 10 categories of major consumer goods overall pass rate increased by 5.2 percentage points and reached 90.3%. In addition, the sale of goods on the spot checks pass rate also increased 11.4 percentage points to reach 82. 7%. This year the national quality inspection system will focus on maternal and child products, consumer goods, new student utensils, food contact products, energy saving and environmental protection products for quality supervision and inspection of key areas for more quality problems, the implementation of regional centralized rectification, supervise the handling, implement the territorial responsibility. The problem is not solved effectively, should dare to "turn card whistle", interviews with government responsible person, serious exposure in the media, strengthen the supervision of public opinion, forced implementation of the rectification. At the same time start with consumer goods as the focus of the electricity supplier law enforcement special action to strengthen the quality control of rural electricity supplier product concentration.

Zhi Shuping said: China has completed a preliminary import food safety management system, implementation of imported food supervision and sampling of all types of coverage, in 2016, more than 1 batches of substandard imported food by the port inspection and quarantine intercepted were destroyed or returned. (CCTV reporter Li Jingjing)