The incoming electricity supplier war sequela price changes at any time into chaos

electricity supplier price war, so that traditional stores face new challenges.

network war, so many consumers in shopping malls have many doubts.

electricity supplier price war sequel struck

"War Within Three Kingdoms

electric" temporarily dormant, but the effect of supplier war is continuous. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning in an interview released relentless: the first half of Tesco growth rate is 120%, if the Jingdong grew faster than, I put Suning to him." On August 30th, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong issued a formal statement on micro-blog, said: I accept the challenge of the Near East brother, while demanding that the other party must fulfill its promise." However, this round of the "frame" after about gambling, but did not cause onlookers above price war like, correspondingly, business after World War as one falls, another rises "syndrome" of the home appliance stores: hard to establish the price system, make the association collapse difficult consumer complaints and for the electricity supplier for the public "micro-blog advertising legal" and "questioning whether the Jingdong commercial fraud". Thus, in the war Poxian "regulatory vacancy", pushed to the new in the teeth of the storm. Text reporter Feng Qiuyu


retail price system is up


of the electricity supplier price war to make the real collapse of retailer’s price system, the price becomes as trassient as a fleeting cloud. Appliance stores everywhere bargain, the price of a lot of goods than the price down to 10% or more. On Sunday, in a home appliance store near Dongshan, parity continues. Miss Zhang wanted to buy a fan such stores, the price is 860 yuan. Miss Zhang asked: "does not mean that there must be cheaper than the Internet to sell it?" then took out the mobile Internet price. One side of the promoters reluctantly said: the price of stores and supermarkets are the same, the Internet does not necessarily have this." However, the final promoters to Miss Zhang volunteered to play the ten percent off lowest price". The sudden price war, so that businesses collapse has always insisted on the price system, the store back to the bargaining era, but also more a test of consumers’ price ability".

reporters found that in the store to follow up the price war, the store product price tag has been non-existent, the price changes at any time become an open secret. According to informed sources: now in order to fight the price, the price of physical appliance stores change at any time." The source believes that this is actually a physical store sales system caused confusion.

for "the initiator of evil" supplier, also lost some manufacturers trust. The United States recently released 33 new energy saving air conditioning, but the new products unveiled in Chongqing and promotion channels, but there is no trace of any electricity supplier channels. Chongqing Midea refrigeration products Sales Co., Ltd., the official said: we released this new product, whether it is now or in the future, will not consider access to electricity supplier channels." Galanz news