On the promotion of domain name selling

webmaster, the domain name is a necessary tool to do stand, for sale, the domain name is used to the trading of goods

the goods need to be packaged, how to pack our domain name?

This paper aims to summarize the

domain name for sale in the process of promotion, and other such speculation flicker domain name site of SEO in the process of the market, do not discuss. Promotion of the domain name, there are several ways.

1, annotation. This will be used by everyone. Some people have seen hundreds of domain name, no classification, no interpretation, greatly reducing the buyer’s intuition.

2, creative domain content, such as the domain name of the site can be how to locate the site, such as advertising language domain name.

3, design domain name LOGO. Good domain name with a good domain name design, deepen customer impression, enhance the value of the domain name, adding a visual impact, but also to stimulate people’s desire to buy. I have a lot of domain names are designed LOGO, designed LOGO domain name, the probability of inquiry and turnover will be significantly improved.

4, attached station. For example, QQ fire, QQ related domain names are good. School fire, XX domain names are also appreciated. Ali group, a series of sites are beginning to Ali, and ALI at the beginning of the domain name also touted.

5, relying on the auction platform. The domain name auction platform more and more, like ENAME, for many people, so some in the jar did not sell on price of the domain name in ENAME can also shoot too low. Like the Zhejiang domain name auction conference, which is typical of the domain name means.

continue to share, the domain name of the LOGO design, not profound technology, as long as a good grasp of the theme, layout, color, together with some of the technical processing on the line.

After all,

, LOGO design with the advertising picture content is much less than. Here are some of my own domain name to do LOGO.

for others to do LOGO and has sold out of the LOGO will no longer come out.