Baidu Wanda electricity supplier can become more different


Wanda electricity supplier and Baidu, Tencent news

rumored, settled on Friday in the dust, many questions have found the answer. When the full information surfaced, still make people feel a little surprised. And surprised, is lamenting: the situation is stronger than people, after all, the future is so uncertain, but the giants with strong resources, hezonglianheng, song Mei bamboo, frequently lazi.

at the signing ceremony of the speech, Wang Jianlin and Robin Li, Ma Huateng hope this cooperation, don’t be viewed as "business sellers". From their speech, we can also see: this will be a new attempt for the future of the new layout O2O.

the background of this cooperation is the transformation of Wanda company. Wang Jianlin will China consumption into bag consumption with the experiential consumption, consumption is the bag type commodity trading, experiential consumption, catering and entertainment etc.. In the end, in his opinion, bag type consumption may be replaced by Ali based electricity supplier, but the experience of consumption, it is temporarily not electronic, or whether it is Wanda Alibaba, are in the layout, equal opportunity.

in my opinion, Wanda and Baidu, Tencent, the biggest purpose of cooperation, in fact, digital experience consumption. How to understand? Last year, Wanda attracted 1 billion 500 million visitors, experiential consumption really needs to be done in the physical world, there is no substitute for the Internet, but the management of 1 billion 500 million people, including access to information, such as user feedback is to digital management, this is the advantage of Baidu, is also the advantage of Tencent, is where the advantages of the internet.

experience consumption is not like that bag consumption, occupied by air, commanding the electricity supplier company phagocytosis. But Wanda Mao, Wanda Plaza to survive in the era of mobile Internet, digital, it must be 1 billion 500 million passengers behind can information, digital content completely digital net. For example, catering positioning, ticket sale, such as parking navigation, group purchase promotion and so on is the need to use the Internet tools, and this one is Baidu’s advantage, it will let Wanda electricity become out of the ordinary.

the last two or three years, the three companies BAT O2O and electricity supplier layout, the layout of Baidu is doing great form is beyond shape, is construction of basic services, more low-key, solid. Baidu in the "chain bag consumption", is still Chinese maximum flow distributor, even Taobao, Tmall, Baidu also need to flow supply. Based on the flow of digital marketing supply is the bottom of the electricity supplier, from this point of view, even in the PC era, Baidu has never left the electricity supplier ecology, and plays an integral role.

mobile era, Baidu electricity supplier in the layout of a more substantial development, in addition to Baidu search PC era advantage smooth migration to mobile search, it has more new breakthrough in the field of electricity providers, such as Baidu maps, Baidu Nuomi group purchase, such as Baidu and light application.