Sleeping balance of the economy, the consumer card addiction financial temptation

‘s card gives people the convenience to all kinds of prepaid consumption of a superb collection of beautiful things but also hides a lot of traps, such as, "Juankuan run away" is often staged in various industries, resulting in irreparable loss of consumers. However, if properly operated, these prepaid cards can also become a profit card issuers, cows, enjoy a fixed income per year.

, however, from the current point of view, although the relevant government departments have strengthened the supervision of the prepaid card industry, however, the temptation of interests still let the market is full of traps, how to get rid of the prepaid card industry chaos, more regulatory authorities need multi pronged.

sleeping balance of the economy, the consumer card addiction financial temptation

[according to incomplete statistics, usually accounted for 3%~5% card value denomination "sleeping balance profit" will become "surplus", in order to calculate an annual issuance amount of about 100 million yuan, plus interest, the]

profit a year only card "surplus" will give enterprises with up to about 5 million yuan theThe general staff

Xiao Wu is a state-owned enterprises, to the important festival, as gifts, all kinds of consumer cards always preferred. Because the direct discovery of gold is not convenient, and the consumer card can also tax avoidance, so the payment card to the customer the most appropriate." Xiao Wu told the "first financial daily".

and this achievement is also a huge market of a large number of third party payment card or issuing their own enterprises, in the consumer card issuing enterprises become the world, financing platform, the "loan" business based on zero cost for various financial and investment. Not only that, even if the balance of the card only a few hairs or a few dollars, also can give the enterprise Many a little make a mickle. annual fixed income tens of thousands or even hundreds of million yuan.

huge interest free loan

is currently on the market, there are two main types of consumer cards, one is third party payment qualification card, which in addition to the use of the issuing enterprise system, can also be used in other contracted merchants, such as Lianhua OK card, card, card Tungtex Shande etc.; the second category is issued by company that can only be used in the enterprise system within a single card, such as some fitness cards, hairdressing card, supermarket consumer card etc..

relatively speaking, the issue of the general card and the amount involved is huge, according to public information, the current Smart card has reached about 10000000.

According to the

OK card issuer Bailian business Lianhua subsidiary Ann Fu Bao published information, as of the end of July 2011, due to the formation of payment deposit balance of approximately 941 million yuan. The so-called reserve balance that has been collected but has not yet occurred in the amount of consumption. Insiders said, Lianhua OK card annual sales of up to 4 billion ~55 billion yuan, to cash contributions amounted to 1 billion 500 million yuan annual brilliance system.

informed sources pointed out that the figure is too conservative, the total amount of card issuing Lianhua OK > year