O2O lost because had no money! Wrong, you lose because you do not innovate!

Xiaobian I contact our industry for a short period of time, to say this hot industry word? In addition to the "Internet plus" that is absolutely O2O! What about the O2O, O2O, O2O, real estate catering medicine O2O, O2O, O2O, car wash massage beauty O2O, and O2O etc., beyond count. However, I would like to say small, and now the O2O is like the major TV programs like. Yes, is the major TV show!

‘s TV shows are like this. When a TV talent show fire, the other similar TV will certainly show, people across the country are versatile ah; when the palace douju Moumou TV fire, then the other TV palace fighting drama would continue to appear, the ancient women are conspirators ah; when certain TV dating show fire then, there is no doubt that all the people in the blind…… Turn on the TV, the program is the same, there is no innovation, copying each other. This kind of TV program, how can attract the audience?

said that this is the trend of small, I think, this trend, people really buy it?

some time ago, a death list of O2O projects in the industry caused a great disturbance. Let bent on trying on the O2O exhibition fist practitioners are tiger body shock.

look back, the last two years, O2O filled with every corner of our lives. No matter what the industry seems to be able to make O2O model. But today we look back and see how many O2O companies are the original O2O companies, we can cite an example:

takeaway O2O

will ask you now, now think of takeaway, can you think of what? U.S., Baidu takeaway, hungry, and? Are you not think what else takeaway the application name? Yes, giants burn with competitors on the pinch, small takeaway platform have been burned in the flames of war although look innocent but as expected.

The above

giants occupy 90% of the share of the share of food, small and medium-sized platform to challenge the deep pockets of the rich to takeout giant. If you have no money to finance, but what is the financing is absolutely different from other takeaway bright spot! You have enough prospects for development, can bring greater benefits after financing. But now the takeaway mode is basically the same, it determines the difficulty of financing platform, as well as the inevitable failure of the platform.

beauty O2O

before our site is an article "O2O industry looming talent bubble: over 70 thousand Manicure teacher salary!", light can be seen from the title of the popular beauty O2O. As the saying goes: "rarity", Manicure division, massage, and other beauty beautician because of the resource shortage of artisans and highly sought after. High salaries to attract talent, so small and medium-sized beauty platform to survive, >