Jumei.com open channel core user has become the young mother mother


technology news (Sun Hongchao) April 16th news yesterday, jumei.com announced the opening of independent maternal channels, formally enter the cross-border child.

vice president of jumei.com said the Tencent wearing amamori technology, the United States had the beauty industry in line with the maternal and child market. Many of the United States of the first batch of users is 18 to 25 years old young people, the use of the United States from the beginning of puberty, after 5 years, many users have become the young mother, for they provide maternal and child products is the logical thing. With the development of the United States speed duty-free business and supply overseas mature, maternal and child products the most difficult to solve through the overseas direct mining has been solved, and the problems of logistics in the bonded area to the introduction of the policy is also addressed.

from July 2013 onwards, the country frequent introduction of development policies to encourage and support the cross-border electricity supplier, overseas purchase pattern changes, in addition to the import of beauty, imported food and other industries, cross-border electricity supplier maternal is also booming, including honey bud baby, Mak purchase a number of new imported maternal electricity providers have sought to obtain venture capital.

in the Dai amamori view, jumei.com advantage in the aspect of maternal is mainly reflected in the free trade zone: "free trade zone established by the government will be subject to full supervision of the customs, only accept foreign direct delivery of goods, do not accept Chinese mainland goods, so no fake may enter the bonded area."

According to the introduction of jumei.com

in diapers and milk powder as the entrance, imported straight and bonded warehouse delivery mode for domestic consumers. Jumei.com said the company has been in Japan, Britain, New Zealand and many other places to build warehouses from maternal and child products, including King, Kao, Pampers and other brands.