Analysis of the main reasons for the difficulty of Taobao art in three cities

The rapid development of

online shopping market in recent years, especially led to the Taobao platform created a lot of jobs and engaged in the electricity supplier industry, Taobao art is one of the more scarce in the writer’s position, the three line of the city, for the art recruitment is very difficult, the main reason is because the graphic designer in traditional industries not willing to engage in this work, will let the shop slow development speed. After the meeting to share with you, the analysis of the main reasons for several aspects.

first because of the mentality. The designer’s positioning, that is engaged in the design work in the enterprise, is the poster design is the ultimate way of development in the real estate industry to do the design or in the advertising company, after all, the development of these industries have a certain year, belongs to the salary is relatively stable, the benefits of good business. Therefore, they always do not have a way to do Taobao art, so do not want to put a low profile to transition. Recently, in order to go on the road of brand development, out of 5000, 6000 yuan basic salary design supervisor and director of two jobs, but the recruitment information out of nearly two months, scanty delivery resume. Although I also gave the previous two colleagues were recommended, one of which has been in a large enterprise to work for a week refused goodwill. Another although come to the interview, but for the design work required by the boss has not handed in, finally asked him what is the reason, he frankly told the current design work in talent network is already very familiar with, while also working overtime, really want to choose a new industry, there is a worry about personal gains and losses feeling, decided to give up.

second is a local market freeze in. Through the local talent network to search for a class of e-commerce, just out of dozens of companies have these needs. Simply speaking, it is a lot of traditional industries have not realized the potential of the shop to do, even with this awareness, only some minor enterprises in carrying out the operation of the shop, has not formed a certain scale, naturally can not attract good people to join.

third is the government’s efforts to support these policies is not enough. Although the government in the past year also engaged in the electricity supplier industry enterprises to give some preferential subsidy policies, such as a certain potential Amoy brand set up 300 thousand yuan of financial support. But the number is very limited, the application is difficult, many companies have chosen to give up. Prefer to spend more energy on how to drain and improve the conversion rate.

‘s former boss went to Guangzhou to attend a training session, a Shenzhen seller said that they are also difficult to recruit artists. The boss asked him how to recruit? He said in the candidates to participate in the election of 70 people who can still be a good artist, but there is a certain distance from the standard of his mind. The boss was very surprised to hear that. Because we release the recruitment information within a month, there may be only 3-5 individuals to interview, even if the standard of technical secondary school graduate, more than a year of work experience