Social and electricity providers in the end can not be integrated

wrote under the above title, because two articles before I set off a storm in the circle, one is "eight reasons to tell you why go through the" WeChat electricity supplier, another one is "five difficulties" social Ali, and this article is the final conclusion of article two this point of view, and in order to end social and electricity supplier relationship.


Tencent electricity supplier can not get through?

Tencent seeking business is not a day for two days in 2006, pat Network C2C set sail, later version of the Tmall QQ mall on-line supplement B2C and Taobao Ali Tmall formed mutual confrontation situation, while at Taobao mall has been on the line for 2 years, and because Taobao and Tmall market and front, and with the popularity of traditional the transformation of enterprises and the electricity supplier market, Ali’s business is really fast, but the Tencent business is still tepid, not much improvement. In 2010 80% shares of the Tencent holding fast and easy, while in 2011, Tencent is the electricity supplier strategic layout, half the time Tencent shares good music to buy, F group the number of appliances and commercial enterprises to build a giant B2B2C business platform, and launched QQ online shopping at the end of 2012 a high-profile, Tencent will complete the establishment of an independent electricity supplier’s electricity holding Tencent the company, and to spend at least 2 billion yuan holding shares or 10 comprehensive and vertical electricity supplier website and community elong, the same way network, mother network, Kelan diamond, good music to buy, F group, Gao Peng and so on has built into a commercial aircraft carrier. But for a variety of reasons or not in the electricity supplier circle set off a storm, the author summarizes the reasons are as follows:

, a Taobao Tmall Jizouxiande market, has eaten half the electricity supplier market, then the Tencent was anxious Xinyou and inadequate.

two, a strategic. In the C2C mode and B2C mode pat QQ mall plough, but little breakthrough, in addition to the two block has not yet developed the new fertilizer field on the other end, but care for this and lose that empty handed.

three, the weak electricity supplier operating system to support a "hierarchical" electricity supplier chain empire. Because the electricity supplier is a strict system of Tencent, the business operation is far fetched, always focus on social networking, just want to use social Yiqijuechen pedal, it is whimsical, but farther.

four, social reaction. If the electricity supplier is single, Tencent may also be in the bustling electricity supplier market share of a plate of beauty. But in addition to social is completely different, but for the already formed social burden. Although the electricity supplier for the electricity supplier has to bring the user, but it will bring a negative reaction for the electricity supplier: first, Tencent social first, electricity providers in the post, social freeze, electricity supplier for the later heterogeneous. Second, the purpose of social networking, social networking users will be turned off the electricity supplier users.

on the issue of WeChat electricity supplier eight reasons to tell you WeChat