Traditional companies do electricity providers will understand the nternet thinking focus, extreme,

with the continuous development of the Internet, more and more traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet to do electricity supplier. Then, in the transformation of enterprises in these have been mostly abandoned, the reason is because of their first transformation, after the transformation is not a good idea, it is accurate and do not understand the Internet thinking, marketing, promotion, website and other aspects of a variety of problems. So, led to a large number of traditional enterprises in the electricity supplier was forced to give up, and finally let a lot of traditional enterprises no longer believe that electricity providers can bring higher profits than the line.


today, you will see that there is a transition to a more successful business on the Internet, such as the traditional mobile phone industry, millet Home Furnishing industry Cuteway, fruit industry every orchard and so on, these enterprises have a successful transformation is as everyone knows. Especially the millet Lei Jun personally, through the original thinking of the Internet will have the traditional mobile phone industry is the Red Sea made unprecedented subversion. Then, there are a lot of traditional enterprises are with millet mode to do the transformation of the electricity supplier, remember the traditional industry is Home Furnishing Cuteway copy millet mode more successful one. In addition, the afternoon of the afternoon of the rapid consumption of sanitary napkins are also reproduced through the model of millet sanitary napkins industry subversion, the transformation of these traditional industries from the line to the online are more successful cases.

may have some traditional enterprises have a doubt, why these enterprises to transition electricity supplier good? Why we cannot transition? Because many traditional companies accustomed to the traditional marketing mode, causes the enterprise not timely understanding of the Internet is already present in the Red Sea, everyone said that the Internet, the Internet and traditional Chinese Enterprises eager to transition, but the enterprise suddenly and the transformation of the electricity supplier not ready, so the failure of transformation. Most of the successful transformation of the traditional enterprise is to understand through the Internet, to see the success of the transformation of the case will go to study, such as millet transformation model. Some of the traditional enterprises will copy millet mode, such as the Home Furnishing Cuteway home industry. Furthermore, when the traditional mobile phone millet electric fire, the founder Lei Jun millet also disclosed some millet marketing model, and Li Wanqiang also released a "sense of participation – word of mouth marketing millet internal manual". So, millet model can be copied. Therefore, this allows more traditional companies to see the transformation of the results and hope. Of course, the traditional companies want to do a good job of transformation, we must grasp the thinking of the Internet, only the master of this thinking can do more smoothly transition. So, the Internet thinking is divided into: focus, extreme, fast, reputation, the seven character formula is the traditional enterprise restructuring electricity supplier must grasp.

of course, have to say the importance of Internet thinking on the transformation of traditional enterprises. Prior to this, the traditional mobile phone millet transformation Internet electricity supplier, Lei Jun also have been the four important strategy emphasizes the millet mobile phone: focus, extreme, fast, word of mouth, and then use the four strategies of thinking of the Internet as a traditional mobile phone. Therefore, the traditional enterprise as long as the master of these four strategies