8.15 leading role acting, supporting role into play

"you have a good, I have a wall ladder" be in full swing of 8.15 electricity supplier price war has ended. The spectacular 6.18 degree and the Jingdong big anniversary surpasses the siege, business has been such a saying "if a few years ahead of Suning electricity supplier, so Liu estimates will be back to Zhongguancun to open stores." But the reality is this, the early bird catches the worm, not to mention the fact that the rapid development of the Internet industry. So in June this year, Suning Appliance announced that the controlling shareholder of the company will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Jindong Rundong investment and two strategic investors private placement of approximately 447 million shares, 5 billion 500 million yuan to raise funds for key chain development projects, the construction of information platform, logistics platform upgrade and optimization of supply chain and other four categories of projects. The day before yesterday in order to supplement the company’s operating capital, adjust the debt structure of the company, will issue no more than 8 billion yuan of corporate bonds. Its main purpose is nothing more than the power of the hands of the collection, the door of the electricity supplier.

14 on the morning of 10 good times don’t last long, Liu using "electric three years zero margin, and to ensure that the price of more than 10% cheaper than Suning at least." Carter has caused heated debate, nearly 11 points to Liu named name for the United States and the Soviet Union add fuel to the flames for 5000 price information. Suning.com 15 PM officially respond against. Most of the price war with e-commerce has become commonplace, and even feel the pain of the body. And it can only be said to be the zero zero gross profit margin, and the electricity supplier for the enterprise and not to the enterprise caused by the gross profit is serious losses, the background electricity supplier last pillar, Shaw one before writing how to treat old Xing consultation on behalf of the price war, the price war is the answer "electronic commerce at this stage the most effective the way, but very addictive. It takes some time to cut down."

but from the whole process. The electricity supplier price war with "hero flicker, supporting seriously", before I started the price war on micro-blog said it might be an electricity supplier or head. Jingdong can be said to be between two fires, one is the market pressures, the second aspect is the sales pressure, at this time with the line heavyweights Suning, Gome price war, this is not their own digging jumps in? Last year sales of 21 billion Jingdong, and sales of Su Ningguomei line heavyweights is 100 billion, although one is on the one hand is offline, online price war against both the final results can be said to be both. But the actual situation we have found that Jingdong and Suning appear very understanding, shelves for half an hour in the products out of stock, commodity prices fluctuated. It can be said that Jingdong and Suning has become an oral low, while Dangdang and the United States has become a real low. The result is a Jingdong and Suning the price war price concept deep in the minds of consumers, while the real price of Gome and Dangdang will undoubtedly become the big price war " ", involved in the war, live ammunition. In the end is not as good as his family’s sugar coated bullet. Can only be used to lose the wife and fold soldiers, but since the second world war is the most beneficial to consumers, the price war