Jiangsu, Dongtai electricity supplier turnover in 2014 exceeded 6 billion yuan

reporter learned from the Dongtai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, according to statistics, in 2014, the city’s e-commerce development showing a blowout trend, e-commerce transactions exceeded 6 billion yuan, doubling for two consecutive years to achieve. At present, the city has only 8150 suppliers in the Alibaba website information, 89720 product information.

in recent years, relying on Dongtai city Chong Building, East New District building entrepreneurship, industry research and development center, East Lake science and technology city carrier, efforts to create a set of commodity trade, platform construction, logistics and distribution network, schools and other functions, multi format as one of the core area of electronic commerce, construction industry platform, small and medium business park in Dongtai town as the foundation, guide, ha Oh Amoy Sen tiger trade and other commercial enterprises to focus on parks, complete warehousing and logistics, display and other functions, the construction of Dongtai small and medium business gathering area.

a group of business enterprise to the park many enterprises use e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongtai Town Park "sunhoo" business, from the start of the small shop, less than 4 years of development, has 20 thousand square meters of storage center, on-line daily sales of more than 20 thousand single scale. Last year, double 11 period, the day of the sale of 700 thousand tiger tiger business, the transaction amount of $about 6000000. At present, Dongtai town directly and indirectly engaged in electricity supplier business more than 200 companies, employing nearly 5000 people, more than ten million yuan online sales of nearly $30. Similarly, in the first batch of "Xin Jie Zhen Xin Jie Cun, Jiangsu e-commerce demonstration village", 40% of the family opened a shop, more than 3000 people in the town of the employees in the electricity supplier, Taobao, Baidu, Alibaba, Hui Cong and other sites registered in the shop nearly 1000, annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan.