Suning get the first international express license

Changjiang Daily News (reporter Chang Yan) Suning announced yesterday in the official micro-blog, has passed the licensing examination national postal services courier business, by international express business license, becoming the first international express business license. This means that, Suning can be like FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT four international express company, accepted worldwide express business, Wuhan future users can directly in the Su Ningyun sea Amoy goods.

it is understood that the State Post Bureau approved the courier business license 12 companies, of which only 1 Suning gained international express business license, the other 11 were the 4 courier company received a license to operate domestic courier services, courier company received a 7 agency international express business license.

Wuhan people will enjoy the convenience and benefits of international express business." Yesterday, the Wuhan Suning business sources, Suning international express business in the right circumstances will be open to third party merchants and third parties."

in fact, as early as last September, Suning began the layout of overseas online shopping market strategy, in December 12th last year, and cross-border shopping site "Ocean Terminal" cooperation, launched global purchase".

in addition to Suning, Jingdong, where the business is also busy layout of cross-border e-commerce. Jingdong has launched the purchase of Chinese books full of $49 global postal service, through the international courier companies to explore the international market.

according to the iResearch report, China’s cross-border online retail market size will grow from $1 billion 700 million in 2012 to $90 billion in 2015. Such a huge market for electricity providers, quite attractive.

analysts said, after obtaining international express business license, Suning or will be engaged in international express delivery business. It is worth noting that, in October last year, SF EXPRESS also submitted to the national post office to operate the international express business license application, and its on-line electricity supplier website, sea purchase Feng Yun transfer business has great relevance.