Enterprise domain name investment fraud prevention

domain name category of a wide range of investment fraud, in the country, the common form of domain name fraud, network keyword fraud and SMS keyword fraud. In the complaint received, the type of fraud on the domain name is the largest, it can be seen that the extent of widespread fraud, victims of the public. It is well known that this type of fraud has formed a sales network all over the country. The main body of their fraud is small and medium enterprises.

here to explain the domain name and keyword in electronic commerce is an important factor, for example, foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang, a production of glasses if you buy "zhejiangyanjing (Zhejiang glasses)" such a domain name or keywords, may have no marketing effect. The reason is very simple, the company’s foreign customers are not interested in Chinese Pinyin query related information. In the search engine service, the selection of the appropriate keywords is also a very high content of e-commerce marketing technology. But in a lot of time, these factors have actually been useful, but it was used to small and medium enterprises fraud.

in general, a business only need to buy a domain name can carry out e-commerce, do not need to buy a large number of domain names, unless the company does not care about the cost of buying a domain name. With the increasing speculation domain name speculators, some special name domain was sold at a higher price, some domestic enterprises have also started playing the "domain name investment" idea, under the banner of "domain name investment can make money" banner, encourage small and medium enterprises to purchase a large number of domain name. In order to achieve the purpose of maximizing the interests of these companies to develop a so-called domain name products, such as Chinese domain sales, these enterprises require customers to buy a so-called domain name, which ends with different suffixes, and a one-time purchase of 10 years. In order to persuade customers to buy, these companies use a variety of ways, such as cheating customers say a one-time purchase of 10 years, the domain name of the owner of the trademark can not be returned to the domain name through the complaint. In order to allow customers to buy as soon as possible, these companies even launched internal sales training materials, sales staff how to collaborate with each other by professors and other means to lure customers. An enterprise with the group function of instant communication software, the organization of enterprises sold throughout the country and collective learning to sing "oboe".

"a" the truth is very simple, is that different parts of the sales staff to cooperate with each other to complete the sales. For example, A’s sales staff in the basic set of a customer’s business domain, notify the B colleagues, B’s colleagues within the agreed time customer to call, asked to buy expensive in the hands of the domain name. Customers look at the business on the door, of course, echocardiography, and then to the sales staff to buy multiple domain names. And when the customer to buy the domain name, he will find that at first to find him to buy the domain name has disappeared.

in addition to the above several techniques, as well as the threat of sales, sales staff called the threat of small and medium enterprises: your domain has been >