Offbeat business hall adhere to product development

in this rapidly changing era, various electricity providers are busy out of every hue marketing campaigns and price war, there is a home appliance business is in built up their own R & D team to do business "Watsons". The supplier is Chinese well-known toys brand chunshuitang. Since 2014 to focus its own brand development, the hall has more than 30 people in Shenzhen set up R & D center, said that this is Asia’s largest R & D center supplies.

was founded more than 13 years of the hall is a worthy of the name the old electricity supplier, but due to the particularity of sex toys, business hall is not a good way to go. After 2013, with 80 more, 90 young people began to accept sex toys, chunshuitang business is getting better and better to do. 2014, 2015, hall of business model by investors favor, has completed the A round, B round of financing, the volume also gradually increased.

A round of financing in place since 2014, chunshuitang announced, to be financing mainly for research and development of own brand. Subsequently, a large number of product development expert added chunshuitang, focus on smart products taste. Chunshuitang product development center director Fan Junjun once in HUAWEI, ZTE, SKYWORTH, SHARP and other companies responsible for the design of intelligent sensing products. In 2014, because the spring CEO Lin Degang to do based on a "toys + health" concept of intelligent pelvic muscle recovery products, interested Fan Junjun decided to join the hall. After the entry, he led the R & D department after several revisions, iterations, and finally launched the epoch-making products – iball. Iball is chunshuitang independent R & D and production of the first smart products, but also chunshuitang first true sense of the health care training instrument. Ibll users can through the medical profession recognized by privates Kegel exercise exercise on recovery of pelvic floor muscle effectively, at the same time, iball can monitor the internal air feedback compression data to direct the data will be presented on the mobile phone APP. Practice has proved that iball not only (such as games) to make exercise more interesting, easier to adhere to. Since listing, iball’s reputation and sales have achieved good results.

2015, Fan Junjun led the research team began to force. In June, chunshuitang announced intelligent hardware strategy with "intelligent sex" as the core, the "connecting people and health, connecting people and desire, connecting people" strategic layout is very great. At the end of 2015, chunshuitang launched a total of nearly 20 intelligent hardware, including intelligent vibration rod, intelligent aircraft cup, intelligent and sexual health products customers. It is worth mentioning that, with the same kind of iball read another health products ihole (an effective exercise men’s prostate intelligent fun products) is also officially launched in late 2015.

in Fan Junjun’s view, although the development of intelligent sex toys and not much precedent, but the agent actually has its common sense of activities: first to identify the user "pain points", then to function as human as possible.