Ali O2O, all exposed peel gift of Alipay


] April 21st news billion state power network, a source close to the billion state power network broke the news that the Alibaba or will be stripped of its O2O business, and all included in the Alipay team. "This means that the test failed to make top past Ali O2O satisfied with pay treasure, it is wise to public."

it is reported that after the adjustment, including Ali Yi Fang (Wu Qian, Ali O2O Division General Manager (O2O), the secret Taobao responsible person) and personnel structure will also make corresponding changes. Informed sources said, Yi Fang in the beginning of the year has been transferred to Tmall international, the original O2O division by Tmall supermarket founder Guo Road (Ma Xuejun) took over. But now, not only merged into Alipay’s O2O division, only Guo Road responsible Alibaba and intime joint venture.

it is worth noting that not long ago, Tmall coaching, epilepsy row office, to mention the words between O2O. It seems to be a signal that the outside world is about to change.

According to

billion state power network to understand, after Alibaba Tmall, Taobao and Alipay respectively around three business lines design O2O development path.


O2O as the core, focusing on the retail level, intended to achieve related physical commodities trading online and offline stores, is representative of the Alibaba and intime cooperation; taking Taobao O2O as the core, to idle away in seeking pleasure as a prying point, gradually derived from Amoy little other local living services products, is representative of 38 "Ma national people singing dinner and a movie"; with Alipay O2O as the core, from the perspective of cash flow, "whether online or offline, as long as the Alipay payment", is representative of last year’s double 12 "Alipay half off scan code, a large supermarket took mom".

but with the slowdown in the growth of Tmall’s performance as well as fierce competition in local life services, Alibaba’s attitude towards O2O change. After the news came out, said the little Amoy will be the first from the Taobao system was stripped, alipay. Another sign is that Taobao travel to independent brand "go out", its aviation brigade Division also upgraded to air travel business group (Alibaba in 2013 7 business group was split into 25 division, air travel division is one of them, who was happy son Zhang Yongtong chips).

in the local life service O2O, Alibaba has been a chess trick." A domestic O2O platform CEO to billion state power network pointed out that although the Amoy little from the beginning of the Alibaba’s internal claim big kill, but in all kinds of vertical attack platform and beauty group, comments, 58 city, its actual effect is not ideal. Businesses fancy Taobao’s high quality traffic, but the customer retention does not hold hope.

either Taobao or Tmall, it is difficult to get rid of the online store (online shopping) rigid impression." These people admitted that the user’s cognitive decision, Alibaba want to leap from the retail business to the next line of service industry is clearly a natural ravine.