Taobao alliance second wave Taobao Juhuasuan was overcome

news October 12th, after yesterday evening, Taobao mall part of the business was malicious take goods to suspend operations this morning, billion state power network found that Taobao Juhuasuan has been suspended "the system is busy", can not be used, informed sources, the most likely is "Taobao alliance" on Taobao launched a second wave of attack.


the source pointed out that yesterday to listen to the anti Taobao Union on the voice of YY rally, into midnight, many participating businesses proposed that the attack target Taobao buy Juhuasuan. "Their strategy is like yesterday, or a collective group of clap, and then apply for a refund, and low scores, until all the activities are photographed frame."

It is reported that

, yesterday at 9 pm, YY voice gathered Taobao mall sellers seven thousand, instantly set up "anti Taobao union", concentrated evil take Taobao mall part stores goods. Europe and South Korea, clothing and other sites have been forced to sell all products, the number of refunds are more than 10000 times, the EU is close to twenty thousand.

to provide participants with the recording, many small sellers participated in the protest vehemently expressed their views: "the big seller is innocent, but not against big sellers, Taobao will deign to care for small sellers?" another seller said, "we just want to tell Taobao through this thing, what things are not Taobao


does not rule out the relevant aspects of Taobao heard rumors, under pressure, in order to avoid being attacked by malicious cargo attack, the initiative to remove the possibility of Juhuasuan." Analysis of the industry, Taobao mall significantly improve technical service fees and margin is triggered by the storm fuse. "I heard that these businesses today may go straight to Hangzhou, to the headquarters of Taobao, perhaps there will be more drastic measures."

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