Yang Wenjian the importance of enhancing the profit space of products

in the process of network marketing, in order to improve turnover. We can think of is to increase efforts to promote, improve the turnover rate, while ignoring the increase in profit margins. There are several factors that influence the income, such as flow rate, conversion rate and profit space. In order to double the income, we have three choices, choose the master flow double flow, marketing expert selection to improve the conversion rate of a times, merchants choose to increase profits doubled.

has done the flow of people know, garbage flow doubled so it is a very simple thing, and to enhance the flow of directional traffic is not easy. Sometimes it is impossible, because the size of the market space is limited, directional flow is limited. By increasing the flow of income to improve, is a very fast way to go to the end. The conversion rate of general e-commerce is very low, marketing experts can improve the conversion rate of several times. To enhance the conversion rate of a wide range of knowledge on this topic, another Yang Wenjian careful analysis. Today, we will analyze how to increase the profit margins.

to increase the profit margins of the product, it is necessary to shape the value of the product. Then you will ask me not to shape the value of the product, then what is the way? Yes, to customers for a more expensive and more profitable products. How to change the customer, why customers buy more expensive products. Every time when your customer said, is that customers don’t realize when the value of the product, and then give the customer show high product value in what, that is some low-priced products can realize the value and the customer value is to point. Or in the customer has decided to buy the basic, so that customers with the purchase of some other products. If the customer bought a suit, then let him buy a tie.

through the sale of different products, or with other products sales. It is easy to increase income, the premise is the customer service staff to articulate, otherwise it will play shibeigongban consequences. So the customer service staff training is a very critical factor.

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