Jia Wo electronic commerce first Dabie Mountain Spring Festival landing in Jinzhai

On the occasion of

spring Xia Yun on the occasion, the first session of the Dabie Mountain Spring Festival and Chinese Jinzhai open plowing ceremony will be Wo Jia on the morning of May 15th ten in Anhui County of Jinzhai Province town swallow Grand Canyon Village gamma Wo mountain organic curtain base. The Spring Festival by the Anhui Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Jinzhai County Jia Wo Jinhe mountain organic food development Co., jointly organized by Jinzhai County Agricultural Development Committee, Jinzhai county and Jinzhai County Grain Bureau of Commerce swallow Town People’s government, Jinzhai County media Bureau, Jinzhai County Project Hope Office jointly organized. By then, there will be a solemn and religious ceremony and features performances and farming activities, reducing the traditional farming civilization at the same time for good weather, feel the charm of traditional agricultural civilization.

The opening ceremony of

with "ancient heritage tillage farming essence, as eco road" for the purpose of building excellent traditional farming civilization heritage system, explore the best farming culture and customs and vigorously carry out ecological organic agriculture in Jinzhai county. In Jinzhai County, the strong support of the leadership and guidance, the opening ceremony will be further cultivated utilization of tourism resources in the local culture of Jinzhai County, and Jinzhai County agricultural development to boost the economy, build a big beautiful Jinzhai "agricultural name card".

It is reported that

, the spring festival mainly by spring ceremony features performances, public donations, farming activities such as plate to unfold. In the spring ceremony, Jinzhai county will pray for good weather, the solemn ritual and inheritance of generations produce good harvests, longing for the harvest. Pay tribute to traditional farming civilization at the same time, will also launch the corresponding traditional folk cultural performances. Dragon and lion dance and other distinctive folk performing arts will be the highlight of the spring ceremony, "standing on the mountain", "sing songs" and "open Gardenia by the wall is the ancient folk song" with local characteristics such as folk songs will also be in the opening ceremony’s cultivation. It is worth mentioning that, in order to inherit the essence of primitive agriculture, traditional farming culture, the opening ceremony will start a "cattle farming plough" and "Hanfu planting" and other characteristics of agricultural activities, to participate in the activities of the people feel the plow ritual civilization and simple folk folk Jinzhai County local.

According to the organizers of the Anhui, Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the person in charge of, agricultural culture has covered all aspects of Chinese society, is a component of China’s excellent traditional culture. In the ancient civilizations of the world, China’s traditional agriculture has long been ahead of the rest of the world. China’s traditional agriculture has thousands of years so many generations, mainly due to the China agriculture legend and fine tradition of farming culture. However, in recent years, with the development of modern agriculture, a large number of chemical fertilizer and pesticide inputs, making the ecological environment of agricultural development is deteriorating, the quality and safety of agricultural products, sustainable development issues will also be highlighted. In the resource constraints of agricultural development in China increasingly tight situation, ecological agriculture is particularly urgent.

, as a company specializing in the production and processing of organic ecological agricultural and sideline products, Anhui, and the Agel Ecommerce Ltd from the perspective of sustainable development