Su Ningyun’s 2015 performance Net 200 million net profit of 840 million

news January 27th, Su ningyun announced changes to the 2015 annual results notice data will be previously reported a net loss of 200 million yuan to 300 million yuan to net profit of 840 million yuan to 940 million yuan.

Su ningyun said in a statement, expected 2015 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies last year to 840 million yuan to 940 million yuan, an increase of -3.10% to 8.43%. Suning business was expected in 2015 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net loss of 200 million yuan to $300 million.

to modify reason, Su ningyun said previously published results are expected not to consider the sale of PPLiveCorporation (hereinafter referred to as "PPTV") of 68.08% stake in the completion of this transaction.

Su ningyun December 2015 under its overseas subsidiaries Great Universe Limited holds PPTV 68.08% stake in the company to transfer all Suning cultural Cci Capital Ltd overseas subsidiaries, and received all the transfer price of RMB 2 billion 587 million 993 thousand and 100 yuan equivalent in U.S. dollars.

Su Ningyun said that the transaction has been completed, after the completion of the transaction, PPTV will no longer be a subsidiary of the company’s consolidated statements, the impact on the company’s financial situation. According to the provisions of the accounting standards for enterprises, concerning the disposal of the subsidiary, the subsidiary should be at the beginning of the period to the date of disposal income, expenses, profit included in the consolidated income statement, attributable to the parent company owners enjoy the 2 points included "net profit attributable to owners of the parent company; the corresponding price and enjoy investment disposal sale subsidiary shares received by the subsidiary share of net assets of the difference in the consolidated financial statements is recognized as the current investment income.

Su ningyun said that from this transaction, because PPTV increased the copyright procurement, the fourth quarter increased asset amortization, new products and the fourth quarter PPTV TV, mobile phone market, pre operation promotion inputs is large, the PPTV fourth quarter losses increase, while the retail business of Internet companies are established in accordance with the implementation of the plan business performance in the expected range.

overall, an increase in the fourth quarter PPTV losses brought about by the loss of the company has increased. While the PPTV increases its net assets to reduce losses, resulting in net profit of the company to sell PPTV equity transactions generated by a corresponding increase in the actual delivery date to December 30, 2015 estimates, the transaction is expected to increase the company’s net profit of about 1 billion 351 million yuan, "said Su ningyun.