Double eleven preheating Adorable shop hit billion yuan in advance to play ten big promotion

news October 10th, before the mobile social business platform will be announced in the preheating adorable shop double eleven big promotion held in advance before ten. Its official said that this promotion will invest hundreds of millions of dollars.

adorable shop front, the event duration is from October 8th to October 13th, the platform will try social video marketing mode for the first time, implanted in the video brand adorable, but also put forward to promote the theme of ten. We did not hit the media in the mass media, but through the social platform to play a viral video marketing, and the use of social networking platform for the spread of fission."

In addition to

, Meng shop will also be combined with the form of red envelopes for promotion, such as the lottery super group spike group and sea Amoy group, etc..

billion state power network learned last year have held several stores adorable promotional activities, including eleven revenue of 165 million yuan, "black five" turnover amounted to 62 million yuan.