Venture capital of Queen Xu Xin’s eyes under a Jingdong Sky Network and Meng Zhang Lianglun babe

Abstract: "because I’m fast enough." Zhang Lianglun said. And Xu Xin’s assessment may give the company a miracle speed and the price of the best explanation: "in him, as if to see the shadow of Liu Qiangdong."


’cause I’m fast enough." Zhang Lianglun said.

indeed, from the stem to open closed monthly sales of 200 million, financing $100 million, $1 billion valuation, maternal electronic business platform babe network actually only 8 months. The rumbling run 400 electric machine, have been packed with businesses and platforms electricity supplier maternal camp deus ex, except for a few key officials, more than 60% of employees are 90, more than 90% of employees are 85. The age stratification means that most people are still out of school soon, the secret babe network of rapid growth is likely in 85 after Zhang Lianglun led the management of the core.

Although the

Zhang Lianglun babe network miracle growth attributed to the mobile Internet outlet and 80 child-bearing age demographic dividend, but the mother in the circle of the two concepts have been said for many years. In fact, as early as in 2006, former Google Asia Pacific Marketing Director Wang Huainan and former Chinese founder of eBay, co-founder of the mother and child community together to create a tree when the baby, the slogan is to call the mother and child industry demographic dividend to come to the. But before 2014 capital flocked to the Internet to maternal positions, baby tree headed by the red headed child and maternal community maternal electricity supplier has been in the profitability of half-dead, no double loss situation what capital at.

babe network is not open, less than 1 years, "venture capital today by Queen Xu Xin in the lead, new horizon, IDG, Gao Rong capital star VC with investment capital square of a $100 million dollar blockbuster to the 400 85 after the throw, far higher than the baby trees for 7 years 150 million rmb. Xu Xin’s comments could give the company the best explanation for the speed and price of the miracle: "in him, as if to see the shadow of Liu Qiangdong."

Xu Xin is talking about Zhang Lianglun.

Zhang Lianglun

86 year old Zhang Lianglun was just 30 years old this year, this is a talk fast, smooth and clean working man, he was also a clever and ruthless boss, like Liu Qiangdong.

2009 that year, Zhang Lianglun was 23 years old, master of Science in information and communication engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is a famous small boss in the school, acting a lot of digital electronic products. In that same year, the Alibaba’s B2B business has been listed in Hongkong for 2 years, the Internet is the circle of famous star enterprise. That year after the end of the campus recruitment, it was "pa face" of the school recruit staff Alibaba, and successful entry. Later became the babe network COO Ke Zunyao heard the news, he said the man must be Zhang Lianglun.

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