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the evening of November 3rd, known for starring Sherlock "happy twist series and worry" the Shen Teng, the Happy Valley in Chengdu to his girlfriend to successfully marry Wang Qi, after 12 years of long-distance love, became the son-in-law of Sichuan. As Sherlock "worry" the exclusive partner of the United States online business, last night also through the official micro-blog Shen Teng congratulations on the successful suitor, also promised to "generous wedding home appliance I pack, Poxian pride.


as a platform for professional online shopping appliances Gome group, Gome online this year "real war 11.11" partner selected no big investment, big star small budget comedy "Sherlock worry", is the value of its civilians down to earth’s narrative style, full of positive energy, can lead to 80 with hilarious lines. In fact, the United States online betting success again, "Sherlock worry" has become a box office dark horse, the United States line 11.11 to really do not worry, online shopping "theme of advertising and hilarious footage also spread throughout the high streets and back lanes. With the movie "through the past, a dream come true" theme with Gome online this year 11 through 50 percent off appliance berserk, 30000 free single, 2 million red envelopes, APP end pumping cash and all inclusive, "really, really cheap, quality really fast" three true commitment parity Jingdong Su Ninggui to lose 300, all electric day about up late to lose 200 support, allowing users to dream come true, the double 11 online shopping no worries.


Gome online as a professional home appliance online shopping platform, founded only four years to more than 100% of the speed of the electricity supplier industry rapidly among the top five. Relying on the United States and the United States in the field of home appliances accumulated nearly thirty years of resources and experience, the United States online home appliances category richness, price, logistics, after-sales service are leading industries. For the United States online with "Sherlock worry" cooperation, netizens commented that, compared with the overbearing president love tea tea, Shen Teng and his girlfriend of 12 years in plain to stand together through storm and stress is truly worthy of admiration and love, a full set of home appliances brothers of the United States online gift, Shen Teng should not worry completely.


this year, double growth of 11 United States online "Sherlock and also be roughly the same worry" box office performance, only in October 28 to 31 on the four day opener, Gome online total turnover rose 223%, appliance sales rose 289%; 3C digital is as high as 332% increase. November 8th, Gome online will also work with "Sherlock" held thousands of creative common troubles when a fan meeting, star Signed Poster souvenir surprise gift sent. Double 11 this year, see "Sherlock trouble", the United States online shopping, or will become a new fashion.