Trick to solve your baby details page stay time and jump rate

most of the time, we see in the business staff backstage store page Jump loss rate is very high, the residence time is very short, will be considered to be their own store pages do not beautiful, showing a fine is not enough, so I spent a lot of time drawing effects on PS. In fact, for a shop, the picture is not fine to do not affect the residence time and the only reason for the jump rate. There are often part of the reason is because our picture size and size effect of the opening speed of the page, buyers come to see what he wanted to see, so I left, it will cause the page retention time is short, high jump loss rate.

How can

in the absence of a superb PS technology, quickly solve this problem? Taobao pen is a good tool. The English domain business teacher taught you how to use the Lexus Taobao pen to make the baby details page.

first, we enter the wireless operating center from the back of the store


then click Details to see the decoration decoration market pen template

we can according to the shop style and baby crowd positioning, to choose a suitable template.


before use, you can first try to look at the decoration to see whether the effect of the decoration to match their needs and then buy.


pen template can meet the computer and mobile phone terminal end details details on both sides of the decoration, we can start from the mobile phone began to edit details.


first, we first understand the editing interface


1: picture and text editing area


editing tools, from left to right are: add hot, copy, hidden area, withdrawal, forward, save function.

3, sync or exit, preview function area


module 4, operating area, from left to right are: up down, hide, delete.


then we will talk about the specific types of editing operations:

a template does not need to use the material to replace the image

click on any point on the material map, the left will be out of the picture editing area. According to the size of the picture shown above to be ready to replace the material map on the computer or the store in the background image space, and then click [change picture]


can be selected in the pop-up box >