China’s first department store all the profits of 100% allocated to consumers

a variety of online shopping promotions loudly, but like China first department store this crazy play is the first time I heard Chinese — the first Department announced that from April 11th onwards, consumers enjoy shopping in the amount of 5% of the Dividends account after registering hundred, consumers can be set to reduce the amount of 5% of the payment in shopping shopping order. Without any conditions slashing, do not play after the first purchase a fishing game, in a word: "you buy, I’ll send it anyway!"

and so on, there are more exciting half believe and half doubt? – 100th China goods also announced that will achieve the full year net profit redistribution to the stakeholders that employees 5%, 30% of investors, businesses 15%, 1%, 49% consumer society. Everyone can be a customer, which is equivalent to the distribution of all 100% of the profits to consumers. In other words, as long as China’s 100th goods profitable, customers can directly pull wool, and is the pull or big head". The first profit distribution plan will be arranged in September of this year, we look forward to, together with a few money.

! Chinese first Department of this major event stalls, it is your boss Lin Zuyu was to bring extraterrestrial beast, the waiter who hacked the price system, inventory cash sale? Or corporate head completely abandon the treatment, it is filled with crazy money to send bonus


100th is Chinese goods calmly give us out of an account, consumers may wish to look at the smart fault, how to calculate this account.

first asked: China’s 100th goods to engage in net profit redistribution is full of support?. Now the domestic electricity market is so big, last year in the online shopping market size of about 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, even if the first Department Chinese turnover in just a fraction of a fraction, how they have a couple of billion? If the two thirty billion in net profit can’t produce one billion people did not believe it? And then leave a small portion of their own bosses, out of most of the share of re allocated to the consumer, but also see how to calculate the loss. Consumers happy, more and more orders in, snowball into a virtuous circle. List the more, the greater the amount, the more money back, this is very good ah!

second: Chinese 100th goods what send desperately bonus? In fact, there is no secret what. The other is "business platform for businesses, plucking crunching out train, diamond booth, hard wide and so on a variety of promotional resources, in fact lines is an" all your money!". The 100th China goods the full implementation of free promotion system, businesses do not need to burn can do promotion, get traffic. Business cost reduction, no worries, and more good products. So this logic is simple: the product is good, the number of customers, sales up, the whole cake bigger, then as a business platform "housekeeper" – 100th Chinese goods first come out to make a 5% profit bonus, this is not the "best" Hello everyone I am "