Health care products online shopping in the regulatory vacuum weight impotence is the hardest hit

holidays, health care products are the traditional sales season, especially before and after the Spring Festival, in recent years many physical pharmacy continues this situation: in the inventory of revenue for several months before and after the Spring Festival, that the traditional channels of health care products sales declined year on year, analysis of the reasons, the original was greatly shaved off a piece of business. And the corresponding is 3· 15 is approaching, consumers and bad business "personal" highlights, network supervision difficult, provide a hotbed for unscrupulous businessmen.

high proportion of health care online shopping

in the field of health products retail, health care products have dominated. Reporter rough statistics major network providers, including Taobao, Jingdong, shop No. 1, and the Golden Elephant Pharmacy network, good pharmacist network, health off a network of professional pharmaceutical products sales website, selling category to medical equipment, health supplies, beauty care products such as medical devices, which in addition to blood glucose and blood pressure measuring instrument. There are various types of massage instrument belongs to health care products. For example, in good pharmacist online pharmacy, medical health care products accounted for about 50%, about 30%, non prescription drugs (OTC) is about 5%, the rest for beauty, cosmetics and other related products.

Guangdong Health Medicine Co., Ltd. CEO Sue exhibition, the biggest advantage is the price of online pharmacies. Compared to the line from the pharmacy, online pharmacy discount rate of up to about 30%. Engage in large-scale promotional activities, the price is more favorable. Especially some high traffic products, in order to attract more attention of consumers, businesses will greatly benefit or even a loss of sales, buy at very affordable. In the past Match 8 Women’s Day as an example: Dong’e Jiao a box (250g regular), the market reference price of 995 yuan, 850 yuan discount pharmacy network launched, meditation brand Zhumian oral liquid (Gift Pack), a box of market reference price of 289 yuan, net pharmacy price 248 yuan; 1 pharmacies a variety of health care products 62% off, Kang brand chewable vitamin C 200 38 yuan, the reference price of 178 yuan.

In addition,

health care products is also the mainstream of online shopping, on the one hand, due to online shopping cheap, on the other hand, the way online shopping courier delivery is also more intimate. Furthermore, such as calcium, vitamin tablets, expensive health care products on the Internet, have different preferences, especially some of the higher price maintenance, more favorable than buying the line.

health products online shopping growth is very fast

Guangdong health care association secretary general Zhang Yong told reporters, like online shopping more and more people health care products, health care products, in the instant noodles and fast shopping offers a superb collection of beautiful things, many consumers have been transferred from the entity to all kinds of health care products market website. The Secretary of the Committee China market health association Wang Dahong spoke to reporters in a similar situation, health care products sales channels, direct store, conference and mail order, mail order including network, telephone and TV channels, including online shopping in recent years is growing very fast.

reporter learned that, like BY-HEALTH overall sales, online shopping accounted for 8%-10%; Beijing Yisheng Kang electronic.