1118 Big promotion or drama, let’s wait and see

remember when home adult child is depicted vexatious, "Big word seldom accompany great deed". Slowly grew up, but also understand the six words to describe a certain phenomenon".

Tmall double 11, also is the "phenomenon". That thunder and rain will not necessarily small, may even be wild storms. I know a lot of people in the industry will bring some unspoken rule, some slightly Xianshanloushui but did not dare to advertise "sales" mask. But it’s still pile up like a mountain hand "absconded" express, rhyme shop owner, can confirm at least half Wuwu.

the chiefs of the parties with a whoop and a holler are inseparable. The vast amount of print ads flooded in bus stations, subway stations. Everywhere, there are television, all the major portals, several giant slings and arrows also played a role, even Li Keqiang the "adults" have come forward, is surrounded by these people our whole life. In contrast, a large population of 1 billion 400 million, the transaction amount of 35 billion is also reasonable. Of course, there are a lot of "sales mask". But there is no denying the fact that he has a huge amount of money.

with respect to the advertising overwhelming volume I double 11, double 12 but is not so it can be said to be shaking heaven and earth, so a "quiet". Calm before the storm, and the storm in the past, it is quite a period of calm, since the Tmall double 11, I do not look very optimistic about the market double – 12. Taobao market is undoubtedly a stepping stone, a hundred years not updated. But from the point of view of the horse’s strategy, but also abandoned. So there are only a few sellers, buyers know that the double 12 still in his Taobao this website such as air, seemingly burning red, buyers know, even said that the trust, but not many.

remember some time ago to attend the annual meeting of the Shanghai alliance, representative of Alibaba told us this ticket to Shanghai friends of the 300W flow in our Yishangkuaiyou column. Although it sounds exciting, but think of this as 300W of Materia Medica 1, could not help but disturbed them, so many people. How many buyers, and how many were the same

  the seller?;

today is 11.18, but our Alibaba year-end promotion, we can see the whole Alibaba layout has been changed to the festive colors, there are 1118 events page, workmanship is exquisite beyond compare. Unfortunately, the total horse art team as the art team of our company, it takes effort to make good pages, only those of us Sellers and his Alibaba employees watch, and very few buyers to patronize, businesses are Alibaba that lay a good relationship with the second, so you can participate in the 1118 second order is happy operations manager, many are staying up late in this struggle, millions of dollars out of charge in Alipay, ready to drink blood.

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